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Big Al....Ed's Monologue.....

Yeah, Idea came from this post. Right now it's only the intro (Not from the anime, but from the Big O manga. Seeing as how I didn't want to take my DVDs out and to the "play, pause, play, pause" thing.) Besides since I still have the gender switch thing coming up, I didn't want to get cought up in another rewite of something. Though, because of this I can pick it up anytime if I feel like it....

I couldn't help myself...

Central City, the City of Forgetfulness....

Nobody knows what caused "the event" but the years following the Ishbal massacre, most, if not all, of the citizens forgot where they put their underwear...and their minds.

Sometimes, you can still see the ones who regain some of the memories. They have a certain look, something like "Do I know you?" It's really not that strange. It's not like forgetting stuff is a rare acutance. It happens all the time...But most of the people here don't want to forget.

The most valuable thing in this world is the Philosopher's stone. "The Devil’s research". For ages Alchemists have been trying to unlock its secrets. I am one of them. I happen to have this bright idea that maybe; just maybe, I can use the Philosopher's stone to bring the memories back to the people of Central.

I am Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist. I have the job of finding the stone. But, in this world, that is no easy task. There are creatures that rather take the easy way out rather then use equal exchange. When this happens I have Big Al..........!

*Ducks behind wall to sheild herself from flying objects....*
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