Kaoru (aiko_yamada) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA totebag

Hi y'all! Remember that post I made a while ago about my FMA totebag? Well now you can order one from me! Whatever characters you want on it! A paypal account is preferable but I don't think it's needed. ^-^

Click me to read about it/order one!

The site may go down every so often since it is yahoo *stabs it* but it's just a quickie website. I'll probably spice it up later. Enjoy!

{edit} Stupid thing is already down, so I shall give y'all the info here; there are three sizes: 6" - $13, 11" - $20, 14" - $25. More than two characters are $5 each. ^-^ Just email me with what size and who you want on it, plus the item you want them to be shown with (ie: Ed and a bean). I'll send you an invoice with how to pay. Oh yea, and please email me your name and mailing address, too. ^-^ Continental U.S. shipping only, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for construction and delivery. (I recommend the 11"-it's big but not too big, small but not too small ^^)
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