Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dragon Scholar


In a silly mood today. Some ideas for FMA - not Full Metal Alchemist, but Full Metal Anime! What happens when we fuse FMA to other Anime?

Big Al - In mysterious Central City, everyone lost their memories. In this place with no history steps suave, stylish (and short) Ed Smith who believes the Philosopher's Stone will restore everyone's lost past. But when threats get to much, when Mecha-Homonculi are on the march, he calls on his super-powerful robot - Big Al! Big Al gives him the firepower, the force - and the height - he needs to deal with any threat.

Oh! My Alchemist - When an accidental telephone call to Central results in a paperwork foul-up, a young girl finds herself permanently assigned a State Alchemist by the powers that be. A wacky romantic comedy of love and alchemy!

Read, Alchemy, Die! (RAD) - Schiezka seems to be a simple archvisit, but for the Alchemy Books Retrieval Squad, she's the agent "No Paper" who can memorize anything! Now, people are creationg Homonculi of history's greatest Alchemists! Can she and her fellow agents - Roy Mustang (Mr. Deep) and Edward "Full Metal" Elric defeat these new foes? Most importantly, why does this all seem REALLY familiar to Schiezka?

Neon Alchemist Evangelion - Abusive father figures. Weird religious symbolism. Abusive relationships. Giant machines with mysterious origins. Only in this case the ending makes slightly more sense.

Alchemistar - Young Riza dreams of joining the Alchemistage, the foremost circus of Alchemy, giving her skills at acrobatics and sharpshooting their due? Will she make it or will the mysterious producer Bradley kick her out? And why is her room haunted by a mysterious figure that only calls himself "Roy"?

Full Metal Alchemist Panic - She's a schoolgirl! He's an alchemist with a giant robot for a brother! Love, action, and military hardware collide.

Weiße Kreis (White Circle) - Russel, Fletcher, Ed, and Al SEEM like normal florists - if ones that are unusually talented. But secretly they're agents of White Circle, an organization that hunts down rogue alchemists and their creations!

(Jokes aside, Weiße Kreis actually sorta WORKS in a way . . .)
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