AC (acdragonmaster) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Con photos - Anime Detour

Some various FMA-related photos for your viewing pleasure.

Travis, in all his glory (with pins given to him by Fireball in artists alley)

A better view of said pins...

Posing with Ed (Ed cosplayer is vicemage)

Elric brothers cosplay (vicemage as Ed and myself as Al)

Ed, Al, and Travis (same cosplayers as above, obviously)

Ed, Al, and Roy (same as above, I'm not sure who the Roy is)

"Fullmetal Ninja"

Ed eats Japanese (with shrimp tempura int he background!)

I have more photos, too, but I didn't want to try to link *everything*. Feel free to browse the rest the gallery, though. Also, should anyone be interested, you can read my con report here. watch me rant for paragraphs on the insanity that was the Al cosplay!
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