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Yet another Crack Crossover

This fun little thing randomly appeared in a conversation...

(I've clipped out chunks of this, just so you know)

Gabe: (And sometimes wonder if I'm the only FMA fan who also likes Harry Potter. O.o;; )
Silenka: You're not, you're not! I love it!
Silenka: ...and tons of other people, I could keep going XD
Gabe: Hee, yay! ^_^
Gabe: I'm not alone!
Silenka: Sirius was my favorite =( And he kicked it and I cried.
Silenka: I took it personally, like the other 2 million people who did XD
Gabe: Sirius was my favorite too. I cried too.
Silenka: I read the book in a night and just kind of couldn't get past that chapter when I got to it., that did not just happen. -_-
Gabe: I kept going from there, kind of like, "No, that can't be right, they'll do something and he'll be back, he's not dead..."
Silenka: *nod*
Silenka: And I was in denial a long time and still am. Like...he didn't just flat-out die, he was pushed behind the curtain in the most mysterious place on Earth. So who knows what really happened to him.
Gabe: He's on the other side of the gate?
Silenka: Gate XD
Gabe: Well...
Gabe: It was a kind of gate-like object... ^^
Silenka: Indeed it is!
Gabe: Maybe he's in Amestris... O.o;;
Silenka: o__o
Silenka: Wow, that is the best crack crossover ever.
Gabe: ...and it works too, which is scary.
Silenka: I didn't think of that XD And it does work.
Gabe: I only just thought of it now... O.o;;
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