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See, this is what happens when I'm too sick to go to work but not sick enough for bed.

I make icons.

Here are seven new icons--five I made today, one I just forgot to upload yesterday 'cause I'm a tard like that, and the one I'm using now, since as soon as the next bright, shiny object flashes before me, I'll change it. Anyway, genk if you want; credit is always nice, 'cause ego-stroking is Teh Yay. Some are slightly spoiler for the end of the series...if you are, that is, a wuss who hasn't been online or gone to image galleries, like, at all.


2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.

Text is (and again, all translations mine):
1. Just me being a dork. XD
2. Jay Chou - "Ba, wo hui lai le" (Dad, I've come home.) - Nan dao ni shuo bu hui tong ma? - Doesn't your hand hurt [from being so violent]?
3. Les Mis, original French concept album "Un peu de sang"- Ce n'est rien, non, ce n'est rien, un peu de sang qui pleut. - It's nothing, no it's nothing; a little blood that rains. (Edited to fix my forgotten French).
4. Jay Chou (ahh, the joys of mixing fandoms) - "Qi li xiang" (Orange Jasmin) - Ni shi wo wei yi xiang yao de liao jie - You are the only understanding I want.
5. Jay Chou (yes, a trend. Hush.) - "Ba, wo hui lai le" - Ni jiao wo zen me gen ni xiang?! - So you tell me, how am I supposed to be like you?!
6. Me. Dork. 'Nuff said. XD
7. Jay Chou (my goal, of course, is that someone will say,"Who is this Jay guy?" and start downloading) - "An jing" (Silence) - "Ni yi jing yuan yuan li kai, wo ye hui man man zou kai" - You're already so, so far away/And I, too, will so, so slowly walk away."

...and now I have to clean my apartment. Bleh. Anyway, if you like, enjoy!

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