kaori_san (kaori_san) wrote in fm_alchemist,

More fanart

I did this all today (sketch, inking, CGing.) How fun. X_X Now I have a sore back and a lot of homework to catch up on... I just had the urge to draw Al... Heiderich form!! >:D (You can be expecting more Other-side-of-the-Gate fanart from me... O_O; Yay for some "serious" stuff instead of more freaky crack and...)

Tools: non-repro pencil, 0.5 lead pencil, numerous inking pens (0.1, 0.5). CG programs: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Painter 7 (for background array.) Tool: Mouse. And the logo is taken from a random Google image search x_x lol)

Here's an in-progress screenshot if you're bored.

Oh yeah and besides that, I also drew a sketch of Ling, Ran Fan and... I forgot.
I felt like drawing them after reading the latest manga chapter D:'' Gyaaaah.
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