Rashka the Demon (wolf in the cave) (rashaka) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Rashka the Demon (wolf in the cave)

Random Fic Rec: Second Element by Tenshi

Random Fic Rec

Title: The Second Element
Author: Tenshi
Summary: It's funny, the people you meet on trains.
Pairings: None
SPOILERS: all 51 episodes! Very evil spoilers, including two of the Spoilers of Doom.
Link: http://www.bishink.org/bishink/fma/element.html

Why I'm reccing it: If you ever want a fic that--ever so delicately--claws your heart out of your chest, this is one for you. Add a dash of surrealism and a bit of hope perched in the soul, and you have a satisfying, thoughtful one-shot. The descriptive style is lush and tactile, and the dialogue strong. Enjoy it. You can find her other fics here; so far they're all good. Especially the Roy/Riza one.
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