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Thoughts on ep 19 - SPOILERS

Just a few random thoughts as I finish watching FMA #19:

-Oh, wow. Ed's giving up? I know they found something horrific, but damn. He doesn't seem like the type to get discouraged so quickly. Poor guy. I wanna hug him.

-I just *knew* they were gonna sneak out. XD And I love their sneaky-walk... even if Al can't be very quiet!

-Envy-Ed. Hn... wonder if that's going to be significant later, that he can imitate Ed's form! But I love how the face still looked... Envy-ish. Especially when he transformed back. It gave me chills.

-Ed admits that being small is sometimes a good thing. Hehe...

-Oooo, spiffy trick Scar's got there, with the shiney and the words and all. Does that mean he could read it like that? That'd be a handy thing. Cut down on studying time, for sure.

-What was that we saw after Ed did his alchemy the first time? With the guy lying in a room with glowing Alchemistic symbols all around? I think I missed something...

-Something's wrong with Ed's shoulder? Winly missed a bolt?!?! Bad Winly! That almost seems OOC for her... to miss something like that. But I guess that means he'll have to go back and visit her to get it fixed. :shippy sigh:

-Ahh, more hollow armor suits. And a cliffhanger, of course. Gahhh!

Anyhoo, off to bed now. I really shouldn't have stayed up so late... but I had to wait till it finished downloading! And then watch it! And then post!

I want #20. Like, now, dammit.
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