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Huzzah, another piece from kawaiimae.

Title: Father
Author: kawaiimae
Rating: NC-17 for naughty, naughty things.
Pairing: Not what you think it is.
Summary: Ed has a father who does very bad things.
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Archive: Just lemme know.
To: devils_devotion, for ideas, beta, and the last line. I LOVE YOU.

It shouldn't be right, honestly, it shouldn't.

The man above, holding tight with white gloves, should not be here --well, not like this.

The whole process of it is weird, anyway, for lack of a better term; it's not as if Ed understood the appeal of doing this till HE did it for the first time. He knows, now, that the appeal is impossible to explain, impossible to understand. If he was able to explain it to Al, maybe his poor little brother wouldn't be confused; if he was able to explain it to himself, maybe he wouldn't be in this situation at all.

This man is Ed's father! And a horrendous one at that, leaving Ed and Al alone just when they needed him! He's supposed to hate him for that, isn't he? Even if he shouldn't hate him, at the very least they should't be doing this--

This. It drives Ed crazy to think about this. The gloves caressing his shivering naked body, Ed's bare back surely getting burns from the roughness of the carpet underneath him, stiff heat pressing inside -- in THERE -- where nothing should be let alone that, Ed half squirming away and half arching into it.

Ed is ashamed, above all else, that all of it is happening, and that he enjoys it. So maybe he cannot help what happens; what happens is what happens and there's nothing Ed can do about that anymore. But maybe, just maybe, he can help how he feels.

Except that Ed, of course, can't, and when he presses there with just the right of force, he feels like a small child again. Maybe he is; he can't help feeling this, no matter how wrong, and he can't stop the stars behind his closed eyes as he arches upwards with a yell.


For a while there is nothing but tense silence.

"I'm not your father, Fullmetal," comes the slow, deadpan response.

"You're not, are you?" Ed replies through his teeth. "Then stop acting as if you are."
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