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Automail Templates

Ok, I have FINALLY finished the templates >< *dies from having to scan stuff full size again @_@*

Automail Knee
-Knee and all of it's parts

The knee itself is a little tricky. With the way I had to make the pieces (to make it round), there is a gap at the top of the knee between the left and right piece. The spacer is there to help you fill in the space.

The toes I'm still working on, BUT I will make them rounded and I shall post what I did to get them that way (I may have to come up with a sleeve type thing).

If you wish to find the FULL SIZE templates, please go here (The last 9 images are all full size)

Because I used myself as the base for the size of the parts, you may have to alter the sizes of things *ish 5'5", 120 lbs, with a 32 1/2" inseam... O.o*

Edit: I have a question for everyone, when I make the automail arm templates, does anyone want scans of those? I just thought I would ask ^^ *already knows about the stuff on the net*
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