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Drabble - Avarice - Greed and Envy

This is just a quick piece, because the idea was eating my soul. Since they don’t exactly tell you (in the anime, folks – I don’t know about Greed in the manga yet!) why Greed gets sealed away, I’ve done a little ficlet about it. Envy being, well, envious, mostly. XD
I’m totally sorry if it sucks. >.<
I'm thinking about sort of expanding on this idea - what happened BEFORE this story. Maybe I'll do it if people like it.
Pairing: None, really.
Warning: Language? XD
Spoilers: Sort of....if you don't know everything about Homonculus?
Rating: PG-13 for language.

It was brought to my attention by jade_pen that Envy can't actually activate the alchemic array.
I *do* know that - and in the fic, it doesn't even really say he activates it.
Perhaps to imagine that Dante is there, just waiting, to activate it herself, or something like that. Thx.



“I thought I told you to go home.”

Greed set his bottle down on the table. He didn’t really care if that blonde woman from last night was still here – but he didn’t really want anything to do with her. She hadn’t been that good.

“I guess I just don’t listen well,” came the response. But the voice caused Greed to pause, and look up.

The blonde woman turned, and as she did so, Greed saw the change start at ‘her’ feet and climb all the way up.


“Maybe I should have waited a bit longer,” Envy said. There was a smile on his face, but Greed had known him long enough to know it didn’t mean anything. Envy was a wildcard – who the hell knew what he was thinking behind that crazy smile.

“What the hell is it your business what I do.”

Envy’s smile faded. His eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms. “What’s with you? Always off with some slut these days. I thought you wanted-”

Greed waved a hand and laughed. “I’m Greed. I want everything.”

“No one can have everything. I don’t give a fuck who you are.”

Greed lifted an eyebrow and crossed his arms, purposefully antagonizing Envy by looking completely bored.

Envy stomped across the room and grabbed the collar of Greed’s jacket, jerking down on it. He was about to start yelling something, but Greed interrupted him once again.

Greed pulled back and pushed Envy’s hands down. “Hey, hey, watch the jacket! It took me forever to find this one!”

“Fuck you and your jacket. You want everything, can’t you just get another one?”

“Are you actually here for a reason, or....?”

Envy looked up again for a minute. “You want everything, you say. Or is it just everyone?”

Greed looked visibly confused for a minute. What the fuck was Envy going on about this time...? And then it hit him, and he laughed.

“What is this, you want exclusive rights or something!?”

“Are you laughing at me!?” Envy was about ready to explode.

“Get the fuck out of my room.”


“Oh, don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

Envy just smiled. “There’s something I forgot to tell you about, Greed....”

Greed raised an eyebrow. “...What is this about?”

Envy laughed. “I would have thought you’d have noticed it by now. But I guess...sometimes....you’re pretty dense.” He moved and kicked over the bed, revealing the rest of the array that Greed had failed to notice before.


And Envy laughed again. “For someone who wants everything....looks like you end up with nothing.”

He punched a hole through the wall, picked up the skull on the table, and stuffed it into the hole. “Guess I won’t be seeing you around then....”

Greed stood, frozen, inside the binding array on the floor, completely speechless, and watched Envy slam the door.

He could still hear him laughing.

(a/n: Yes, I know about that horrible thing where they end up puking up red stones. I didn’t write about that part because I didn’t want to write that. XP Live with it.)

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