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Well, I've decided to do a crapload of FMA drabbles, and I finished my first one today. (on 4 hours of sleep -.-) It's Roy x Ed, hope everyone enjoys it.

A/N: Whee, this is the first of my FMA drabbles. I'm hoping to write a decent amount, at least one a week if I can. Most of these will probably be yaoi, but yes, I will have het.
(-gasp shock-) ^__^;; But anyway, thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own it. I DO have happy lil' action figures though! -cuddles them until their heads pop off- >.O Dammit. -goes to pick up Envy and Ed's heads-

Title: Hypocritical
Pairing: Roy x Ed


He was easily agitated. Anyone who had met him once could probably tell you that. He always jumped to conclusions, and if he were that angry, would most likely badly injure anyone within three feet of him. He got his hits of adrenaline from fighting, and nothing irritated him more than arrogant people, and people who thought they could get away with anything they wanted.

Which brought up a question. Why the hell was he in love with Roy Mustang? He was everything he hated about other people, and if he thought about it, it really made no sense. Love everything you hate. Honestly. Then again, that brought up another question. How thin was the line between love and hate? It mustn't have been as thick as he thought; he'd obviously crossed it.

He grinned to himself. Oh yeah, he'd crossed it all right. He'd tripped over it and fell face first, hard. Not that he'd thought that'd ever happen but.... stupid shit always happened to him.

He sighed. That was definitely a fact. But maybe it would be better to say....'unexpected' things happened to him. Like when Roy kissed him. THAT was definitely unexpected. He grinned again. The guy really was an arrogant bastard.... and a pervert at that, you know, totally ignoring the fourteen-year age difference.

Then again, he was ignoring it too. He blamed it on Roy's.... sexual hypnotism. Yeah, that was it. It was stupid of him to think any of it was he fault. Well....

Maybe some of it was his fault. After all, if none of it were, would he find he loved the feel of Roy's arms around him and his lips on his so much? He grinned again.

Ok, so some of it WAS his fault but.... it was mainly his. Heh. He'd just keep telling himself that. Maybe one day he'd admit it to him. But not anytime soon. That was a promise.
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