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I'm not sure if any of this has been discussed already...

All I really have theories about are the Edward in his normal clothing thing and the Armor!Al thing in the trailer.

I think the reason Ed looks the same as he did before ending up in Munich is the same reason Al went back to his ten-year-old body. His
eighteen (or was it seventeen?) year-old body never really existed in Ametris, like how Al's fourteen year-old body didn't. I could be way off, though.

And Alphonse... The whole Armor!Al thing might have something to do with retrieving his memories of that four years. But I might be way off with this one, too...

Random edit: I was talking to sweetyandlucky1 a few weeks ago about how much it would suck if Edward encountered Dragon!Envy... o__O Before I saw the latest scan at, of course...

Mods, delete if these have been discussed already. :O
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