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Uh, yeah... Rowan brings icons again. @_@ But this time I have Photoshop and I'm finally beginning to get the hang of it! I really like this batch, I hope everyone else does as well. ^_^;; Beware the Elricest involved here! X3

Edward: 4
Edward + Alphonse: 2
Rose: 1
Icon Total: 7

1. Image hosted by

2. Image hosted by

3. Image hosted by

4. Image hosted by

5. Image hosted by

6. Image hosted by

7. Image hosted by

Credit for whatever gradients, screen caps, ect. that I might have used can be found in my memories. Please comment and credit mistressboleyn if you take any and, uh... enjoy. ^_^;

X-posted to various places, sorry if you see it more than once. XD;
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