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Theme 023 : Castle in the Sky

So this is suckthing, and I'm sorry for that. >.>
But I wanted to actually *do* something productive, and I haven't quite been able to latey.
I'm working on a picture for a different theme. So that will happen....uh....soon(?). ^^;

Title: Balcony

Author: Tsuki Guujin (tsukitaichou)

Theme: 023 – Castle in the Sky

Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, the movie would be OUT already. >.<

Fandom: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Pairing: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric x Alphonse Elric

Rating: G

Notes: Um. I really took some liberties with the meaning of this. Originally, I picked it because I thought that there was a play with "Castle in the Sky" as a song title. Well, I was wrong. But what I did with the balcony still fits, more or less.

Don’t expect too much writing out of me – I’m more of an artist. ^^;


"I can’t believe you’re using the money you won off me for this shit."

"Watch your mouth in public. I went to a lot of trouble to allow someone so young in here."

"What about Al!? He’s younger than I am!"

"Yes, but he’s taller than I am."


"Nii-san...." Al said, but it was useless. Ed was already in a bad mood about being dragged off to ‘some damn play thing’ and he wasn’t going to be compliant if he could avoid it in any way.

"You really have to behave better than that if you expect anyone to take you seriously, Hagane," Roy said, smoothly, opening the door and ushering both brothers through it. "We’ve got about ten minutes before the show starts, but don’t be too noisy. Have a seat – I’ll come back in a minute."

Ed grumbled all the way up the stairs and to the seats, muttering obscenities about the Taisa under his breath.

The seats Roy had gotten them were on a balcony, so that Al’s armor wouldn’t be in anyone’s way.

"Nii-san...this is really nice. It’s like our own private little room!"

"Yeah, whatever. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself."

"Ed...what is it?"

Ed just crossed his arms and looked out over the balcony. He envisioned what kind of satisfaction he’d get if he just pushed the Taisa right over it. Not enough to make it worth it, really – besides, Roy would just see it coming, somehow. And Ed didn’t really feel like getting all THREE of them kicked out of the theatre, anyway. Al really wanted to see this stupid show, so...that made it sort of worth it.

He looked down again, feeling ridiculous. It wasn’t that he minded nice clothes, even. It was more that he minded dressing up FOR someone. He just felt...awkward. It didn’t help that Roy had told him he was beautiful. He hated that. It wasn’t that he hated hearing it, or even hated the knowledge that Roy thought he was – he just...couldn’t agree with it. And it irritated him.

Since putting on the nice suit, he’d managed to lose the tie and untuck the starched white shirt. He wondered if the Taisa would say anything. It would be grounds for an argument, and he smirked at the thought.

Ed sighed, a bit over-dramatically. "How did I let you guys talk me into this, again?"

Al made a noise that Ed had come to learn indicated he might be smiling, if he was able to. "You said it was to make sure Taisa wasn’t doing anything ‘questionable’ with the ticket-seller lady."

Ed actually laughed. Was that what he had said!? That was rich. He didn’t think Roy would really do anything like that. He knew what Roy was interested in – and it wasn’t the ticket-seller lady. "Oh. Yeah. I guess that was it."

"Nii-san...that’s not very nice," Al said.

"Yeah. I guess not." Ed shrugged. He heard the shuffling of the people below, and heard the voices quieting. The lighting changed, and the curtains pulled back. He sighed again, trying to prepare himself for about two hours of boredom.

He heard the door to the balcony open, and Roy came through it. He couldn’t help but marvel at how nice the Taisa looked when he wasn’t in that uniform – it was a rare occasion to see him dressed up. Ed thought for a minute that he might not mind dressing up if it meant he could get Roy to look like that. And once Al got his body back, he’d look so nice, too...

He immediately realized what an idiot he was being, and shook his head.

"You can’t be falling asleep already, Hagane?" Roy teased.

"Oh, fuck you," Ed said.


"Don’t say things like that in front of your brother," Roy said, annoyed.

Ed pointedly turned and looked back out over the balcony. He *refused* to go and sit down, even if it WAS next to Al.

Roy came up behind him and whispered in his ear, "Really. It won’t be so bad, will it?"

Ed shivered as he felt Roy’s arms wrap around him. He just wished...that Al could feel like this, too.

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