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Fanfiction- Roiai

Oh yeah, I mentioned I'd post another story. Well its actually another drabble in my series of Roiai drabbles ^_^
Title: Oh those lovely Roiai stories!
Rating: PG-13 (just in case)
Drabble Title: Birthday


Drabble II: Birthday

“Good morning Lieutenant.” Roy didn’t even look up from the paperwork he was currently reading. Riza hung her jacket on the coat rack that was just left of the door. She walked over to the little personal bar that Roy and placed in their office.

“It’s nice to see that you are doing your paperwork without me holding you at gun point sir.” Riza poured some steaming water into a mug and placed a tea bag into it.

“Just because I’m useless in the rain doesn’t mean I can’t do paperwork at the discretion of my own free will.” Roy chuckled as he took a sip of his bitter black coffee.

“Touché.” Riza removed the lemon teabag and threw it away. She poured some honey into the drink before moving the mug up to her face, letting the steam engulf her features.

“And anyways, Lieutenant Hawkeye, you should be the one worried about your paperwork.” Roy motioned towards her desk. Riza stared at the stacks of paperwork piled on her desk.

“Well,” she sighed, “at least you’ve been getting your work done this morning sir.” Riza walked over to her desk and closed her eyes as she sat in her chair. She tried to gain her Zen so she could deal with the dull and daily reports. She took a sip of her tea and willed her self to view the disaster area called her desk.

Shock filled her eyes as she looked at her desk. To say the least she was really expecting rows upon rows of foot high paperwork to greet her eyes instead of colorful cards and brightly wrapped packages surrounded by a barrier of papers. She looked up for a second, then looked back down, but then looked back up to see her Colonel smirking. “Care to explain sir?” She placed her mug in the one open spot on her desk.

“All will be explained in a moment Lieutenant,” Riza knew that Roy was up to something, the smile on his face screamed something was up. “Havok,” Roy yelled towards the other room, “is Sergeant Major Fuery back from his errand yet?”

“Just got back sir!” Fuery’s voice responded from the other room, “Do you need something sir?”

“Will you all come in here?” Roy made things sound very serious, as if some one was going to be fired. They all entered, Havok, Farman, Bread, and Armstrong. Lastly, Fuery walked in carrying a black object cradled in his arms. Roy got up from his desk and walked over to Riza’s, removing one of the stacks of paper. The others followed suit, placing the papers back on the Colonel’s desk. Fuery went over and gave Riza the black bundle he was holding. It jumped into her arms and started licking her face.

“Black Hayate?” Riza looked at her puppy then back up at the men surrounding her desk. “What’s going on you guys? Pamper your only female co-worker day or something?”

“You really do work to hard, so you deserve a day to be pampered.” Alex Louis chimed in.

“But that’s not the reason we did this Lieutenant.” Fuery added.

“However, you do work so hard you forget about your own important dates.” Havok added to the little speech.

“Do you know what today is, Lieutenant?” Farman asked.

“It’s Friday Warrant Officer. I haven’t lost my memory.” She scolded her subordinate, making it sound like she was loosing her mind.

“Ah, but you are forgetting something important Lieutenant.” Roy added, moving around to the back of her desk.

“Like what? It’s not revolution day, that’s six months from now. So then what is it? Some random event?” Riza scratched Black Hayate’s stomach while she tried to figure out what today was.

Roy leaned his head down towards her ear and whispered, “What is today’s date?” Riza looked down at her left hand counting out the date in her head. Her eyes went wide, as her mouth formed a little ‘o’ form.

“So what’s today?” Havok made a mocking tone towards her.

“It’s…my birthday.” Her hand went to cover her mouth. “I can’t believe I forgot. So all of theses,” she motioned towards the gifts and cards, “are for me?”

“You got it. Now start opening, its not like we have all day.” Havok added.

Black Hayate jumped out of Riza’s arms as she reached for an orange envelope with her name on it. She smiled when she pulled out a child’s drawing that said ‘Happy Birthday Auntie Riza!’ She knew it was from the Hughes and read the little note from Glacier. She opened a few more cards (from Fuery, Farman, and Armstrong) each promising her a day off from her paper signing duties.

“Thanks, I’ll be needing these soon.” All the men around Riza chuckled at her remark. Armstrong handed her his gift. “This is from the family.” She opened the bright pink gift revealing a black box. She opened the box finding a new dress gun holster. The actual holster was made out of strong blue leather that would match her dress uniform.

“Thank you,” she traced her fingers along the place for her gun.

“My mom made it. She said she wasn’t sure about the size of your gun so she just guessed.”

“It’s all right. I’m sure it will fit my gun. Thanks again Armstrong.”

“Here, open mine next.” Havok pushed his gift towards Riza.

“Oh, all…right.” Riza was wondering what Havok was up to. She opened the shining blue package to find a white box.

“I know you’ll love it,” Havok encouraged.

“Great…now I don’t know if I want to open it.” Riza sighed deciding if she really wanted to open the box. Havok leaned over her desk to see the box. She opened the box to see a blue cloth. “It’s a-“

“Miniskirt…” Havok gulped as he finished her sentence. He started to move back slowly away from the desk. Black Hayate looked up at Riza from under the desk then quickly moved into one of the corners under her desk, whimpering. Riza slowly moved up her head and started staring at Jean. Her glare was ice with a eyebrow twitching; everyone around the desk, excluding Mustang, backed away from the desk leaving Havok standing.

“Havok…” Riza’s voice was deadly; she reached for her gun in her holster.

“I swear Lieutenant Hawkeye,” Riza aimed her gun, “I-I-I didn’t pick out that gift. Colonel Mustang gave it to me this morning,” she pulled the hammer back on her gun, the click echoed through the room. “He-he-he told me to say you’d like it. I swear. Oh my God please don’t shoot me.”

“I’ll give you a count of three. Three.” Havok’s eyes grew wide when he realized she wasn’t joking. He started to back up with big steps.

“Two.” Havok gulped again starting to beg for forgiveness.

“One.” Havok sprinted towards the door, and right after he was out, the gun went off. Wood splinters went flying off from where the bullet hit the doorframe. Black Hayate hid under her desk, his paws covering his ears. Riza blew away the smoke that was coming from her gun, and then placed her gun back in her holster.

“Well,” Armstrong started, “I think I’m going to make sure Havok didn’t die from a heart attack.” He quickly ran out the door; Fuery, Farman, and Black Hayate followed suit, leaving the Colonel and Riza in the office alone. Riza stared at her desk, cooling down.

Roy went down to sit at his desk, something hit the back of his head while he was walking. He pulled the blue bundle from his head, seeing that it was her new miniskirt. He noticed a piece of paper folded in one of the pockets and read it.


Nice try in getting me to wear that tiny miniskirt. If you try that little prank again next year, Havok won’t have a bullet flying past his head, but you will. Maybe we need to discuss your plans for the State. Dinner at 8 ok?

Your Riza

Another smirk crossed Roy’s face as he looked up at his first lieutenant. She started to work on some of the paperwork on her desk. He liked knowing that she could not stay mad at him, her little note was proof enough. Roy’s mind wandered to the events tonight, trying to think of a way to get Riza to join him and Havok on the miniskirt plan.

AN: Ok…just don’t ask…probably a lot of OOC, especially in Riza, but I was on crack when I wrote this (I think). Just here for laughs. hehe I love putting Havok through all that!

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