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A desperate plea for help (and some icons)

I've been searching for the base picture that was used to make my icon, and I've found nothing so far. Does anyone know where to find that picture?

Here's the icon, in case you can't see it:

Any and all help would be appreciated.

I've also made a few icons of my own, after reading about twelve chapters of the FMA manga in about an hour. No spoilers, but you won't get some of them unless you've read through chapter 40.

And yes, that is Roy in #1. He's sleeping, with a book over his face. See the original here. And ninja-Havoc in #10.

(01) (02) (03) (04)
(05) (06) (07) (08)
(09) (10) (11) (12)
(13) (14)

Credit is nice, but not necessary.
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