The ►Charismatic◄ Dream (individual) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The ►Charismatic◄ Dream

You know how they say cherish what you have? I never really thought about that statement. But after what happened, I realized what was true, and also how important it was....


-=Ed's POV=-

The sun was burning. It had to be one hundred degrees out. With no exaggeration. Deserts must have something against us; we're constantly walking through them. Well.... not as much anymore I suppose. We had been at Central for a while, and we were almost at the town. Now, if they don't give us a hard time....

"Nii-san, did you see the town?"

"Yeah Al. Nice sight isn't it?" I grinned.

He nodded. "Yeah, it is. You must be tired, Nii-san."

I flexed a muscle. "Nah, I'm alright. But yeah, I suppose it'll be nice to rest, haven't slept in a bed for.... five days?"

"Yeah, it has been five days."

The sun was setting earlier than I thought, but the town was close in sight. As we finally hit the cool sand at the town's border, I sighed. "Great, the hotel's right there."

We walked into the hotel, I told Al to be as nonchalant as he could. A girl was sitting at a desk, and we walked over to her. "Miss, can we have a room?" She smiled kindly at us and nodded. "Yes sir, may I have your names?"

I hesitated for a moment before answering. "Edward and Alphonse Elric."

As she wrote our names down, I saw her pause in her writing for a split second, and she looked up at me, squinting her eyes, before looking back down at the paper. "Here's your room key sir." She handed me the key. "Have a good night."

"Thank you." I nodded at Al, and we started up the stairs, getting to our room as I unlocked it, and then re-locked it. Sighing, I leaned against the door. I scanned my eyes across the room, sighting the two beds. I walked over to one, flopping on it and breathing contently as I stuffed my face into the pillow. "Beds are nice."

Al laughed. "Yeah, they are Nii-san." He sat on his bed, lying down, his legs set about a foot off the bed. "Heh, I'm too big for normal beds though."

I glared at him. "At least your not too small." It'd been two years, and I still hadn't grown. Ok, maybe an inch or two, but not enough. "You realize that when you get put back into your normal body your going to be taller than me right?"

I could hear him chuckle. "Yes, Nii-san. And I'm sorry. I know that would probably upset you, since you are the older brother but...." He shrugged. "You know I can't help it!"

"Yeah yeah...." I murmured. I looked over at Al, smiling.

"Hey Al....I just wanted to know you've made me proud. As your big brother I mean."

I heard Al let out a bit of a surprised gasp. "Nii-san.... why did you say that suddenly?"

"Because of some of the things I think Al. I'm bad at saying what I mean."

As he looked at me, I was sad about the look of confusion I knew he was feeling and didn't have. I missed seeing his emotions on his face. "Nii-san.... if you can't tell me how your feeling...." He hesitated. "Can you show me?"

"Heh." I smiled, and stood up, walking over and standing over his bed. "Al, I'm sorry, and I feel so stupid for doing this but...."

There was no hesitation. Which was rare for me. I leaned forward, pressing my warm lips against his cold metal.

The feeling was.... incredible. The way I'd been waiting, and the combination of my warm lips, against his cold, metal 'mouth'. And the way he.... responded. Yeah, I know I'm crazy. 'A robot can't respond'. But he did. He put his hand in my hair, and I could almost feel his 'lips' moving against mine. I pulled away, and what was only a second seemed like forever.

"I think you get what I was trying to say."

And I swear, he smiled.
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