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This entry goes along similarly with This post.

Scientists at Stamford in California have gotten the okay from their ethics board to begin an experiment. They will take stem cells from aborted fetuses and grow a human brain inside a mouse. This has raised (obviously) many ethical questions in the general public. The ethics board did stipulate, however, that if the mouse shows human behavior, such as problem solving, then the experiment must be terminated.

My immediate thought was, of course, OMGWTFBBQ NINA TUCKER O_O. I then got over it. Your thoughts?

EDIT: [10:56Central]
It has now been said that the reason for these experiments is the hopes of finding a possible cure for parkinses disease and/or alz theimer's (Damn my spelling).
And also, yes. This subject does lead to the inevitable "Pinky? Are you pondering what I'm pondering" line. The people I heard talking about it made so many references to it. XD
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