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FMA Crack-a-thon

And here we have the crack from the marathon:

"Armstrong is to sexy for his shirt"
"Iron sheik" (Armstrong)
"Welcome to Kitchen stadium. Let the Food Battle Begin!!" (speaking of the end of Ep 1)
"Al looks like a warforged"
"Havoc is trying to molest/hump Roys leg to death" or "Havoc is getting too close for comfort" (The Mini-skirt speech X3)
"The best training program ever!! Stop your dog from doing all those naughty things in under 5 seconds!!" (Speaking of Hawkeye's use of the Gun to keep Black Hayate from peeing on the wall)
"Attack of the 50 foot daughter" (and Teddy bear)
"Cat scratch fever!!" (Lust and those damn claws lol)
"Sparkles taste good... Kinda like cherry flavored crack"
"La-la-la-la-la-la Sing a happy Song.... La-la-la-la-la-la Smurf the whole day long...." (This was in reference to Ed at some point lol)
"It's a long, long road to hell..." (When Ed is leaning over holding onto his back)
"Gah! She (Riza) poked Roy's eye out!!" (Ep 51)
"Envy is Gender/Form confused.... And it shows"
"Can you hear me now?" (Roy on the phone with Hughes)
"Attack of the Polaroids!!" (no explanation needed X3)
"Want to loose weight fast? Go on the Gluttony "Make you skinny in two bites" diet"
"Why pay with only one arm? Two makes the price so much better X3!!" (Speaking of Scar)
"How many times can you do a running gag without tripping?"
"She keeps going, and going, and going...." (Ep 17 The Winry Dance)
"Shake that thang!!!" (Ep 17 The Winry Dance)
"The Fuhrer looks like Hitler on Crack"
"Wrath needs to SHARE some spare parts"
"Why won't it just go AWAY!!" (Me after I had seen the 3rd ending like 4 times ><)
"Bombs away!!!"
"My, what a mighty cannon you have there..." (Flame vs. Metal)
"Is that a hand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" (In reference to Roy)
"Not only can I hit you at point blank range, I can clean your ears for free" (Hawkeye reference)


We had Red Kool-aid and Red Jolly Ranchers for Ep 11 and 12 XD!!

Ok there was ALOT more, but neither I nor anyone else can remember them right now. If anymore pop up, I'll try to keep a running list and post those later ^_^
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