Elly (ellyrianna) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Subliminate much?

This week is state standardized testing for us on the East Coast, and yesterday we had the science portion of the test. I was filling in the little multiple choice bubbles, la-dee-da, when, lo and behold, I come upon a question that sounds similar to this:

"Hundreds of years ago, alchemists tried to make common base metals into gold and silver. Why is this impossible?"

ALCHEMY! I spazzed out. I do believe that the NJ Board of Education watches FMA; otherwise, why would they include that particular question? Sublimate much, NJBOE?

(I would also like to add that in one of my open ended, I managed to sneak in some FMA: ".....thus, explaining that which is lost. Not exactly stand-outtish and very subliminal, but it amused me nonetheless that I could manage to sneak FMA in there.)
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