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08 March 2005 @ 05:18 pm
Desk arrays :: A little bit like fanart?  
My entire desk plus a random paper crane.
Random pretty, complicated details. The last pic was outlined by my artist friend, who sits next to me on that side of the table. (But I drew the lightbulb. She didn't get it. ;_; I am surrounded by FMA-ignorant people...)

Random crackish moment:
My mom cooked shrimp for dinner a few minutes ago.
I'm going to go downstairs to eat dinner as soon as I post this. And I'm going to be thinking "Ed... Ed... Ed..." with every bite.
O_o;;;;;; FMA (potentially) ruined my dinner!
Ich heisse Superfantastichaiyami on March 8th, 2005 05:40 pm (UTC)
Awesome!! /is dazzled/ ..wish I could draw on my desks =x, but I know that the next day I'll just see underneath it.. 'What the f--- does that mean, Motherf---er!!'