Your Broken Winged Cat (fallenkitten) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Your Broken Winged Cat

There was a moron in the chatroom.. X.x

(10:05:11 PM) JuSLiLLeRiC5437 has entered the room.
JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:05:16 PM): VAGINA
(10:05:18 PM) JuSLiLLeRiC5437 has left the room.
Akemichanx (10:05:23 PM): ......o_o;
Sil3nk4 (10:05:25 PM): So what's the general LJ etiquette for using an icon you don't know who made?
LoRDuLTi (10:05:26 PM): what the hell?
Akemichanx (10:05:31 PM): WTF ATTACK.
LoRDuLTi (10:05:34 PM): lmfao
Akemichanx (10:05:47 PM): That was even weirder than a drive-by insult.
tsukisprite (10:05:51 PM): you know what...I realised we do a lot of Mustang bashing....o.O
Akemichanx (10:05:59 PM): Well, duh. :D
MiguelDeSanchez (10:06:00 PM): credit to unknown and ask for creator to contact
tsukisprite (10:06:07 PM): lol
Sil3nk4 (10:06:18 PM): yeah, that's what I thought, thanks
Sil3nk4 (10:06:32 PM): Mustang, like Travy, makes it very easy to make fun of him.
tsukisprite (10:06:37 PM): who the fuck was that man?
Akemichanx (10:06:42 PM): or woman.
LoRDuLTi (10:06:46 PM): no idea
tsukisprite (10:06:56 PM): yeah..that drive by was uhhh...o.O
LoRDuLTi (10:07:06 PM): quite... odd
Akemichanx (10:07:07 PM): Mustang=Travy? *almost combined those two names XD*
tsukisprite (10:07:12 PM): lol
LoRDuLTi (10:07:25 PM): Travstang
Akemichanx (10:07:45 PM): XD WEWT :D
tsukisprite (10:07:54 PM): hehe
Akemichanx (10:08:05 PM): Travstang is the new Mustand.
Akemichanx (10:08:07 PM): MUSTANG.
(10:08:10 PM) JuSLiLLeRiC5437 has entered the room.
LoRDuLTi (10:08:14 PM): O.o uh oh
JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:08:19 PM): hello
Akemichanx (10:08:28 PM): DRIVE BY EVERYONE DUCK-Oh. Hi!
tsukisprite (10:08:31 PM): ..........
Akemichanx (10:08:41 PM): >_> I didn't say a word.
LilDemonicHope (10:08:45 PM): Hello
LilDemonicHope (10:08:46 PM): ^.^
LilDemonicHope (10:08:53 PM): ano...why are ppl saying drive by?
tsukisprite (10:09:14 PM): cause he said 'Vagaina' and logged off afterwards
tsukisprite (10:09:16 PM): or she..
(10:09:18 PM) JuSLiLLeRiC5437 has left the room.
tsukisprite (10:09:21 PM): shit
Akemichanx (10:09:22 PM): Like that.
LoRDuLTi (10:09:22 PM): .... LMAO
tsukisprite (10:09:40 PM): baka...
LilDemonicHope (10:09:42 PM): umm
LilDemonicHope (10:09:43 PM): right
Cereal Chan (10:09:44 PM): o_o
Cereal Chan (10:09:45 PM): Wait.
Akemichanx (10:09:45 PM): Dude, I think Travis is gonna get re-pwned by this person. p.P;
tsukisprite (10:09:46 PM): 'shakes head'
Cereal Chan (10:09:49 PM): Was that Travis?
Cereal Chan (10:09:50 PM): Or not?
Akemichanx (10:09:53 PM): Naaaaaaaah.
Cereal Chan (10:09:55 PM): X
Cereal Chan (10:09:55 PM): XD
tsukisprite (10:09:56 PM): hehe
Akemichanx (10:09:56 PM): Never.
Cereal Chan (10:09:58 PM): Better not.
Akemichanx (10:09:59 PM): Maybe it is.
LilDemonicHope (10:10:00 PM): I don't think so
Akemichanx (10:10:01 PM): O_O;
Cereal Chan (10:10:04 PM): @__@
Akemichanx (10:10:07 PM): That'd be so scary.
x Agrias x (10:10:08 PM): LilDemonicHope (10:08:28 PM):
x Agrias x (10:10:09 PM): x.x
LoRDuLTi (10:10:12 PM): uhh, i dont think travis would say something like that
Akemichanx (10:10:15 PM): Leyt's demand his eyeballs.
LilDemonicHope (10:10:15 PM): but I never seen a travis driveby
tsukisprite (10:10:17 PM): okay if he logs on again I'm not saying a word
Cereal Chan (10:10:19 PM): Does he do random drive-bys in different sns?
LoRDuLTi (10:10:28 PM): is it still logged on?
Akemichanx (10:10:29 PM): I' demanding his eyeballs.
LoRDuLTi (10:10:34 PM): message him/her/it?
tsukisprite (10:10:35 PM): no clue
LilDemonicHope (10:10:50 PM): lol
Sil3nk4 (10:11:03 PM): It's not Travis
Sil3nk4 (10:11:06 PM): he's not THAT immature
tsukisprite (10:11:11 PM): hehe
Cereal Chan (10:11:13 PM): Lol
Sil3nk4 (10:11:14 PM): And if he were to do it it would be FMA related
Cereal Chan (10:11:16 PM): I was just confused
tsukisprite (10:11:33 PM): I'm worried if that guy is some kinda online perv
LoRDuLTi (10:11:37 PM): brb
Akemichanx (10:11:38 PM): Or girl.
tsukisprite (10:11:40 PM): okay
tsukisprite (10:11:41 PM): true
Akemichanx (10:12:36 PM): I'm still demanding the eyeballs of this person. >_>;
MiguelDeSanchez (10:12:43 PM): lol
LilDemonicHope (10:12:53 PM): demand it when they pop in again
LilDemonicHope (10:13:04 PM): lol
tsukisprite (10:13:05 PM): lol
x Agrias x (10:13:06 PM): XD
Akemichanx (10:13:07 PM): That'll be how it goes <3
LilDemonicHope (10:13:10 PM): that would be awesome
tsukisprite (10:13:11 PM): hehehe
LoRDuLTi (10:13:12 PM): back
tsukisprite (10:13:14 PM): hi
Akemichanx (10:13:18 PM): YO.
LoRDuLTi (10:13:19 PM): anyone message it yet?
LilDemonicHope (10:13:20 PM): wb ppl person
tsukisprite (10:13:24 PM): nope
LilDemonicHope (10:13:24 PM): what what?
tsukisprite (10:13:30 PM): not going
tsukisprite (10:13:32 PM): to
LilDemonicHope (10:13:36 PM): message what?
LoRDuLTi (10:13:37 PM): eh, i guess i will then
tsukisprite (10:13:44 PM): okay
LilDemonicHope (10:14:03 PM): message what?
tsukisprite (10:14:08 PM): he's gonna message the person who said vagaina
(10:14:09 PM) KazenoAlchemist has entered the room.
tsukisprite (10:14:11 PM): and logged off
tsukisprite (10:14:15 PM): hii
LilDemonicHope (10:14:18 PM): oh okkies
LilDemonicHope (10:14:19 PM): heh
LilDemonicHope (10:14:20 PM): ^.^
Akemichanx (10:14:23 PM): HELLO COMRADE.
KazenoAlchemist (10:14:24 PM): Hello
tsukisprite (10:14:27 PM): o.o
tsukisprite (10:14:30 PM): it's pink
tsukisprite (10:14:32 PM): coool
KazenoAlchemist (10:14:34 PM): Yes <3
Kitty Girl Met (10:14:35 PM): WE LIKE YOUR PANTS
tsukisprite (10:14:38 PM): lol
x Agrias x (10:14:41 PM): I love pants!
Akemichanx (10:14:52 PM): Pants...*snerk*
KazenoAlchemist (10:15:01 PM): *shows off icon*
LoRDuLTi (10:15:07 PM): O.o
LoRDuLTi (10:15:09 PM): lmao...
x Agrias x (10:15:10 PM): Pants! Pants! Sing the praises of pants!
LoRDuLTi (10:15:21 PM): LoRDuLTi (12:14:05 AM): what the hell is wrong with youJuSLiLLeRiC5437 (12:14:14 AM): ... go away fuckerLoRDuLTi (12:14:18 AM): what'd i do to you?
Akemichanx (10:15:29 PM): I was just thinking of that song.
LoRDuLTi (10:15:37 PM): JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (12:14:32 AM): i dont know? what DID you do to me?LoRDuLTi (12:14:41 AM): yeah.. that's my question.. O.o
LoRDuLTi (10:15:43 PM): JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (12:15:03 AM): you and your bunch of friends in that chat are fags, and you = blocked
LilDemonicHope (10:16:01 PM): O.o
Cereal Chan (10:16:02 PM): Hmm
LilDemonicHope (10:16:03 PM): ok
x Agrias x (10:16:06 PM): Haha, what a n00b :D
Cereal Chan (10:16:11 PM): Lol
Akemichanx (10:16:12 PM): Wow, how....uh....
LilDemonicHope (10:16:16 PM): lovely conversationalist
Cereal Chan (10:16:17 PM): Maybe he's jealous of our crack.
tsukisprite (10:16:23 PM): lol
Cereal Chan (10:16:24 PM): After all, it is the envy of many fandoms.
Akemichanx (10:16:30 PM): XD yAY
LoRDuLTi (10:16:31 PM): i forgot to ask it of it's gender
tsukisprite (10:16:33 PM): jeeze how the hell did he get a hold of this room anyway?
(10:16:39 PM) Merchant Tuna has entered the room.
tsukisprite (10:16:39 PM): or she
Cereal Chan (10:16:43 PM): Going through fullmetal_info posts I guess.
tsukisprite (10:16:47 PM): ah
Cereal Chan (10:16:49 PM): I know one of them mentioned fma_dub
tsukisprite (10:16:50 PM): lol
MiguelDeSanchez (10:16:51 PM): ok, looks like it's going to have to be a 4 part icon crack, same animation, different part of the lyrics
Akemichanx (10:16:53 PM): I had to do it to someone....
tsukisprite (10:17:04 PM): ah
tsukisprite (10:17:14 PM): as  long as that person doesn't aim us randomly
tsukisprite (10:17:19 PM): I'll be fine
tsukisprite (10:17:32 PM): if not the bastards gonna be blocked
LilDemonicHope (10:17:35 PM): I'm talking to the person now.  =P
tsukisprite (10:17:39 PM): o.o
LilDemonicHope (10:17:53 PM): O.o
Cereal Chan (10:17:54 PM): Lol
Cereal Chan (10:17:56 PM): Go you XD
LoRDuLTi (10:17:56 PM): what'd he/she/it say?
LilDemonicHope (10:18:04 PM): I think it's a guy
tsukisprite (10:18:13 PM): ah
LilDemonicHope (10:18:17 PM): not sure
tsukisprite (10:18:20 PM): hehe
LoRDuLTi (10:18:23 PM): you shoulda asked it -.-
KazenoAlchemist (10:18:34 PM): *asks*
Cereal Chan (10:18:40 PM): Lol XD
LilDemonicHope (10:18:40 PM): but I think guys would only be like thta.. no offense ppl... but I know the difference with that just seems like a guy
LilDemonicHope (10:18:47 PM): LilDemonicHope (10:16:28 PM): Ano...helloJuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:16:36 PM): the hell are you?JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:17:00 PM): dont tell me your from that gay chat
tsukisprite (10:18:59 PM): hehehehe
tsukisprite (10:19:07 PM): dude
tsukisprite (10:19:10 PM): the hell
LilDemonicHope (10:19:14 PM): LilDemonicHope (10:17:07 PM): Just someone.  ^.^ So why did you choose that word to say and leave?  That mde me curiousJuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:17:16 PM): because i felt like it.
MiguelDeSanchez (10:19:15 PM): just say that if it's such a gay chat then why did he come in it?
LoRDuLTi (10:19:21 PM): lmao
KazenoAlchemist (10:19:22 PM): he hasn't responded to my l33t pink text
LilDemonicHope (10:19:26 PM): LilDemonicHope (10:17:28 PM): ok. Interesting.  Do you not like the chat?JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:17:42 PM): i dont like the world, you're also blocked
Sil3nk4 (10:19:28 PM): XD
KazenoAlchemist (10:19:29 PM): KazenoAlchemist (10:18:38 PM): hi asl?JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:19:14 PM): too young for you/male/the U.S.
LoRDuLTi (10:19:34 PM): rofl
Akemichanx (10:19:37 PM): XD
KazenoAlchemist (10:19:38 PM): okay, there you go, male
LilDemonicHope (10:19:41 PM): lmao
KazenoAlchemist (10:19:42 PM): and apparently "too young for me"
LilDemonicHope (10:19:43 PM): knew it
LoRDuLTi (10:19:44 PM): okay, we've established that he's a guy
KazenoAlchemist (10:19:45 PM): AM I THAT OLD?!
LoRDuLTi (10:19:55 PM): a very young guy O.o
tsukisprite (10:19:59 PM): lol
Akemichanx (10:20:04 PM): That might explain so much.
tsukisprite (10:20:06 PM): or a very disturbed child
LoRDuLTi (10:20:06 PM): ah, the fruits of puberty.
Sil3nk4 (10:20:11 PM): JuSLiLLeRiC5437: I'm so gawf my wrists slash themselves! T__T
Merchant Tuna (10:20:12 PM): puberty sucks
Merchant Tuna (10:20:16 PM): LMAO
LilDemonicHope (10:20:18 PM): O.o
Sil3nk4 (10:20:19 PM): >_>
LilDemonicHope (10:20:20 PM): lol!
LoRDuLTi (10:20:21 PM): lol
tsukisprite (10:20:27 PM): 'sigh'
tsukisprite (10:20:33 PM): he need counciling
Akemichanx (10:20:34 PM): Ah, the fruits of retarded teen males.
Cereal Chan (10:20:38 PM): Lol
Sil3nk4 (10:20:38 PM): Seriously XD
KazenoAlchemist (10:20:51 PM): *wonders if there are any other males in here...*
LoRDuLTi (10:20:56 PM): *me*
LoRDuLTi (10:20:59 PM): -.-
KazenoAlchemist (10:21:11 PM): okay
LoRDuLTi (10:21:13 PM): that's it i bleieve
MiguelDeSanchez (10:21:13 PM): hmm, what's the max file size for icons on LJ again?
LoRDuLTi (10:21:14 PM): believe*
Akemichanx (10:21:17 PM): TOMORROW
KazenoAlchemist (10:21:18 PM): 40 kb
MiguelDeSanchez (10:21:23 PM): -_-
MiguelDeSanchez (10:21:26 PM): so much for that
Merchant Tuna (10:21:39 PM): are you supposed to be dark pink on light pink, kaze?
MiguelDeSanchez (10:21:39 PM): well, I'd HOPE someone knows how to edit then :-P
Akemichanx (10:21:39 PM): *is retarded tonight^
(10:21:46 PM) JuSLiLLeRiC5437 has entered the room.
LoRDuLTi (10:21:51 PM): not again...
Merchant Tuna (10:22:07 PM): mmm. eyeballs.
Cereal Chan (10:22:12 PM): Tuna fish eyeballs?
Akemichanx (10:22:12 PM): ........Sorry, impulse....
JuSLiLLeRiC5437 (10:22:20 PM): off to bed for my sleepy head, goodnight to all, i wish you a peaceful slumber
Merchant Tuna (10:22:23 PM): -cries- MOMMY!
(10:22:23 PM) JuSLiLLeRiC5437 has left the room.
tsukisprite (10:22:26 PM): o.o
tsukisprite (10:22:28 PM): wtf
LoRDuLTi (10:22:31 PM): O.o indeed
Cereal Chan (10:22:32 PM): That was mildly pleasant.
tsukisprite (10:22:35 PM): lol
Merchant Tuna (10:22:39 PM): XDDD
Akemichanx (10:22:40 PM): That person...was odd.
LoRDuLTi (10:22:44 PM): very..
x Agrias x (10:22:46 PM): What. The. Hat. XD
Cereal Chan (10:22:47 PM): I want to slap him with my watch.
KazenoAlchemist (10:22:49 PM): Merchant Tuna (10:21:46 PM): are you supposed to be dark pink on light pink, kaze? <-- Yes I am. It's showing off my l33t manliness
tsukisprite (10:22:50 PM): maybe he's on crack?
Merchant Tuna (10:22:51 PM): what the bear...
Cereal Chan (10:22:55 PM): And it'll hurt badly.
Cereal Chan (10:22:58 PM): Very badly.
Merchant Tuna (10:23:01 PM): awesome.
x Agrias x (10:23:06 PM): Jesus H. McChrist!
Cereal Chan (10:23:10 PM): McMuffin!
tsukisprite (10:23:11 PM): o.o
Merchant Tuna (10:23:12 PM): I'm not a pink fan. it burns.
Merchant Tuna (10:23:14 PM): XD
x Agrias x (10:23:19 PM): Pink is AWESOME.
tsukisprite (10:23:22 PM): it burrrrnsss usssssssssssssss
tsukisprite (10:23:25 PM): 'dies'
Akemichanx (10:23:26 PM): I WAS GONNA SAY THAT.
KazenoAlchemist (10:23:27 PM): I randomyl changed to this one day and haven't bothered changing back
LoRDuLTi (10:23:28 PM): lol
tsukisprite (10:23:29 PM): lol
KazenoAlchemist (10:23:38 PM): And it looks good with the red name =3
Merchant Tuna (10:23:40 PM): is that the holy arches' meal?
Merchant Tuna (10:23:44 PM): a McJesus?
tsukisprite (10:23:47 PM): o.o
Akemichanx (10:23:49 PM): XD
x Agrias x (10:23:50 PM): Hell yes >D
LilDemonicHope (10:24:00 PM): O.o
LilDemonicHope (10:24:01 PM): O.o
LilDemonicHope (10:24:02 PM): O.o
LilDemonicHope (10:24:03 PM): O.o
LilDemonicHope (10:24:04 PM): ok
LilDemonicHope (10:24:06 PM): done

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