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Crack Ed Pairing Names!

A week or so back, during a discussion of yaoi, I came up with the name "shrimp with hot sauce" to describe the RoyXEd pairing. So when I was bored this weekend, I came up with a few more food pairing names --

AlXEd: Shrimp in a can
HavocXEd: Smoked shrimp
RussellXEd: Lemon herb shrimp
ArmstrongXEd (cringe): Shrimp and mussels
LustXEd: Skewered shrimp
RoseXEd: Shrimp with pink sauce

(Then, of course, you can have OT3 names, like RoyXEdXAl is shrimp with hot sauce in a can).

Anyone got any others?
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