Miss Kitty Fantastica (cougarfang) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Miss Kitty Fantastica

FMA IRL... OMGWTFBBQ. Peektures!

You know you're obsessed with FMA when...
1. You draw arrays all over your desk at school (pictures forthcoming, as soon as I remember to bring my digital camera to school)
Edit: Here. ^_^ My desk is now prettyful!
2. You draw Kimblee's tattooes on your own hands and go around whacking people and telling them they've just exploded,
3. You have a sparkly Hagaren choker (I bought it at night market. It was the DIY, pick-the-letters-yourself kind of booth.)
4. When your mom allows you to paint the walls at home, this is the result.

And also... does anyone know where to find transcripts or sound clips of the FMA dubs? (If there are any at all... >_>;;;) I live on the wrong side of the planet. ;_;
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