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Hagaren No Renkinjutsushi - Post Marathon Report

Well I did the marathon 8:30pm Fri-5:40pm Sat (21 freakin hours!!!) and BOY was I tired. I went to bed last night around 8:30 and slept for 13 strait hours before my alarm went off. LOL I think as soon as I shut my eyes, I was gone. Well staying up for almost 37 hours strait will do that to a person. By the time I went to bed, I couldn't see strait, nor could I walk strait X3!! Hehe I ended up stumbling down the hallway to my room and falling into bed. I don't think I'll be doing a strait marathon like that again for a couple of reasons:

1) Things start to run together after awhile (Well for me, I didn't have that big of a prob because I had already seen it all before. But I know some of the people watching had a hard time after awhile)

2) As much as I LOVE (and obsessed with) FullMetal Alchemist, I don't think I could sit through all of the eps back to back again. (I will more than likely watch the series again at some point, but I won't be watching all of the eps back to back ><)

3) You go into Overload mode after your done. Too much of ANYTHING can be a bad thing ><

I think maybe a 10 ep marathon is the best way to go if you want to run one. Do like 10 eps a day until you watch the whole series. It'll keep you from getting burned out/placed into Overload mode ^_^. Richard made the comment that he would like to watch the series again at some point, just he wouldn't want to watch it back to back like we did (Though Only I and Mark were able to sit through all 21 hours of FMA). Oh!!! And here are a few things that came up while I was watching (No, no crack right now. I need to get Richard online so I can have him help me to remember all the crack that was said X3):

1) I SEIROUSLY hate the 3rd and 4th ending themes now....
2) I LOVE all of the Intro themes ^_^
3) I saw a WHOLE bunch of stuff I want to screen capture XD!!
4) I REALLY want to go smack the person (upside the damn head) who decided to have the series end the way it did
5) As much as I love watching the Anime, I think I enjoy the manga a bit more. There is just so much more to feed your mind with (And it dispels the whole ENDING of the anime... *prays to the Goddess* THANK YOU!!!!)
6) I really can NOT wait for the movie to come out (though we won't see it Fansubbed til sometime at the end of the year ;_;... Lucky Japanese kids >.>)
7) I'm even MORE obsessed now than I was when I watched the series the first time around (If that is even possible X3!!)
8) I don't like Ed's zipper shirt from when he was younger in the series. I like his other shirt better ^_^ (the one with the clasp at the neck)
9) Ed's boots are a dark brown!!! Everyone keeps making them black >.> (I keep doing the dark brown boots thinking I was doing the wrong color... HA!!! I was right without knowing it X3) And he has no laces in his boots (Ok, so I did that one wrong on one of my pics.. blah Oh well, what's done is already inked X3)
10) I'm most DEFFENTLY going to do my Ed costume idea ^_^ (and I found out something new to add to it XD)
11) I have so many crack ideas for chibi FMA comics it is not funny (Wait... yes it is LMAO!!!!)

So overall, the marathon was a great success (Though noone else became obsessed about FMA ;_;) and we all had fun ^_^. Even though I did sacrifice sleep for FMA (Ha ha ha!! Equivalent trade X3), it was SOOOOO worth it XD!!!!

Ok, I'm going to get going. I actually started on my Leg automail template (Started before we started the marathon, and then all I did was watch anime for 21 hours lol) and I want to work on that, plus I have homework to do (Nothing major to do, which makes me glad X3), AND I think I may go screen capture some stuff (or not seeing as how I I'm still in Overload mode right now X3.... I may just draw some stuff instead ^_^)

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