Soupy (lady_agrias) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Suefic parody idea. :3

This is something I came up with earlier/yesterday.

Alrighty. Instead of the Seven Sins, we have the Seven Sues:

Perfect!Sue - Destiny Morningstar (To be paired with Edward)

Angstwhore!HotTopicPunk!Sue - Misuzu Kobayashi (Paired with Envy)

Self Insert!Super Hawt!Sue - Selena Avalon (Paired with Roy)

Soul Bound To Girlish-looking Armor!Sue - Anastacia Valentine (to be paired up with Armor!Al; who would've guessed. XP)

Sucked Through TV!Chatspeak!Sue - Amber Ravenwing (Paired with Havoc)

Automail Mechanic!Bisexual!Sue - Angelique Starlight (To be paired with Winry. XD I can't believe I turned Winry bisexual. I haven't even read a shoujo-ai fic.)

Terminally Ill!Sue - Ayu Zandragia (This one is being designed by sweetyandlucky1. Pairing is still being considered, as I'm not sure of her personality yet~)

And yes, it was actually a bit challenging and painful to come up with those names. xD The challenging part was actually trying to come up with the names before I gave up and looked for a generator. >_>

So the "plot" is, these Seven Sues need the 'Philosopher's Jewel' to become not humans, but canon characters. :D But like the Seven Sins, they can't use Alchemy, so they need Ed and Al to help them. The villian is either going to be Scar or some random character similar to Camilla from the games. I'm leaning toward the Camilla-like character. Her last name will be Deathhart or something. :E

Also, one of the characters is going to be a canon character's long lost sibling or other relative or something, but I haven't decided who yet.

Any ideas for me~? :3

Edit: Also, Sues are created by people who study Sueology, otherwise called Sueists. Selena is a Sueist, so that explains the Self-Insert part. xD
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