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Hagane No Renkinjutsushi - PrePost Marathon Report

Ok, I've been up for over 35 hours, so please do not mind my lack of sleep post. I posted the Japanese title cause I've been hearing it over, and over, and OVER durning the marathon LOL!!!

Offical Start time: 8:30pm Friday
Offical End Time: 5:40pm Saturday
Total Time: 21 hours (We watched every intro and ending because of how the system was set up)

I said I would do a prepost report and then a post report after I had gotten some sleep (I will be passing out shortly cause my vision is mighty wonky right now XD). We started out with 6 people: 2 Kids (7 & 14) and 4 adults. By the time we finished the 4th ep (around 10:30pm), the 7 year old had passed out. The 14 year old lasted up through ep 17, Rachel lasted until ep 25 (5am), Richard lasted until ep 28 (around 6am), and then it was down to Mark and I. Basicly he and I stuck out all 21 hours of FMA (People started to wake back up around 7-9am to join us for more FMA). There was much crack comments to be had by all, but I'm so tired at the moment that I can't remember them at the moment gomen.... I should be posting those sometime tomorrow in my actual Post Report. We took no breaks to actually stop the anime (Bathroom breaks were during the Intros and Endings, and (again we took advantage of the Inrtos and endings to get food) we ate while we watched).

So basicly, my brain is mush and I'm suffering for FMA overload (but not as bad as everyone else who hasn't seen the series) XD!!! And yes, I cried once again during ep 51... And I deffently have to say I STILL HATE how they ended the series >.>.... I don't like the idea of having to wait until the end of the year to actually watch the movie fansubbed.

If anyone wants a tip from me and my group that did the FMA marathon, do NOT do all 51 eps BACK TO BACK.. I do admit it was great fun, and I loved watching the series again, but I think we all overdid it a bit ^_^. I think maybe 10 eps in a sitting should be long enough for a decent amount of anime marathon.

Ok, I'm soooo going to pass out right now. My vision is doing the "I'm blury, go ahead and try to read stuff" bit >.>. I should have an actual report up and done tomorrow sometime when I have had enough sleep and can remember all of the crack comments made X3
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