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Icon Theft

If you don't care about icon theft, then ignore this post. This is me making a complaint to anyone who cares.

I'm not usually one to complain about people taking icons. But I'm sure most of you have noticed that, sometimes, I post with icons that have my usernames on them. And I'm sure you've all figured out that I consider those private icons until I make public "versions" about two or three weeks later.

Now, someone was kind enough to inform me that a certain user in this comm has taken one of my private icons, my ZOMG ZOMBIES icon. That particular icon has my username on it. Right? I'm not one to insult people, but this particular user was stupid to take that icon. The problem I have is that he/she is using it as a default with no credit.

So, I post a link to where I have politely commented on their journal. I'm posting this complaint here because this is the only place the user and I have in common.

If you don't care about the situation, then I ask kindly that you please do not comment on this post.

Thank you,

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