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FullMetal Alchemist Marathon - PreReport

Ok, I'm going to write a Pre and Post report on the FullMetal Aalchemist Marathon taking place tonight and into tomorrow. I think we are going to start showing around 8 or 9 tonight, which if everything goes as planned, we will be done around 1 or 2 tomorrow (Which also means we all will be passing out not too long afterward). The longest I've ever stayed up is 60 hours strait (Almost 3 whole days!!), and I was quite loopy by the time I hit 60 hours (LOL I was told that I was acting like I was on something after I passed the 40 hour mark). Being that I got up at 7:50 this morning and will NOT be going to bed until after 1:30 tomorrow, I will have stayed up a total of almost 30 hours XD!! As long as I'm busy, I should have no problems staying up the whole time (I watched subbed DBZ for most of the 60 hours that I remained awake the last time).

I've actually been looking forward to this all week, and I can't wait to get started. I dunno if I'll be writting my post report before or AFTER I get some sleep. If I write it before, I'm not totally sure how it'll come out from a lack of sleep XD (Hey that actually might be interesting... Hmmmm I may just do that). Maybe I'll write a pre-post report, get some sleep, and then write the post report on the marathon when I get back home.

Also I may or may NOT have some chibi crack comics and stuff to post into DA that may happen while I'm in the midst of the FMA marathon. Depends upon if the drawing bug hits me while I'm watching ^_^ (Which I'm pretty sure it will).

FMA Marathon Schedual should look something like this:

Start time: 8 or 9pm Friday Evening
End time: 1 or 2pm Saturday Afternoon

Hour 1: Eps 1-3
Hour 2: Eps 4-6
Hour 3: Eps 7-9
Hour 4: Eps 10-12
Hour 5: Eps 13-15
Hour 6: Eps 16-18
Hour 7: Eps 19-21
Hour 8: Eps 22-24
Hour 9: Eps 25-27
Hour 10: Eps 28-30
Hour 11: Eps 31-33
Hour 12: Eps 34-36
Hour 13: Eps 37-39
Hour 14: Eps 40-42
Hour 15: Eps 43-45
Hour 16: Eps 46-48
Hour 17: Eps 49-51

The whole schedual ending time depends upon if we watch the intros and endings or not (You will have to add on about 12 min to each hour for those). After seeing them a couple of times, you tend to end up skipping them and getting to the episode itself ^_^.

P.S: I'm glad it's a light homework weekend because otherwise I would be screwed XD!!

I was also bored and made some crack:


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