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Just an idea..

Okay. Now, my crack theories/ideas aren't too popular. I don't care to know why. They amuse me, and that's all that matters. But, I've had this one sitting on the burner a while, debating on whether I should say anything or not.

Now..Envy told Al that Dante finds, brings them together, and raises the Homunculus. Now, follow me here, they all had to at least be in the house at some point, whether it was in Leyla's(sp?) body or bodies before that. Could you just imagine what breakfast was like with them all there? I don't think Sloth or Wrath would've been there though..too late in the timeline for them...

Seeing as my creativity is lacking this season, I'm *daring* someone to either drabble or fanart something for this theory.

C'mon...you know you want to...


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