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I give you more crazy comments.....

My mom's reation of the 'war of 1812' AS ad:

Mom: This is the Alchemist that is shot from guns (Repeat 3). Get it?
Me: Ooookkkkaaaayyyy...


Oblivious lady at Best buy:

Me: Uh excuse me, do you have Fullmetal alchemist?
Lady: What's the name again?
Me: Fullmetal Alchemist...
Lady: Full Metal Jacket?
Lady: Oh is that an anime?
Me: Yes....
Lady: You're going to have to spell that.
Me: F-u-l-l-m-e-t-a-l...
Lady: *Types in Fullmedal* is that right?
Me: No...m-e-T-a-l.
Lady: Oh...well the starter set or the CHEMIST'S CURSE isn't in stock...
Me: Okay...thanks....anyway.....


The reason I posted the best buy one, even if it was part of my bad day and not that funny, was because of her miss spelling and the whole "CHEMIST'S CURSE" thing. Feel free to use those lines as you wish!
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