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More pics...

Someone posted a few scans of trading cards from an auction site the other day on the community, and I was looking on ebay last night and found that there are a few more cards that belong to that same set that we didn't get to see...

*squee!* @ the Winry and Al one! So cute! The Sloth and Ed one is absolutely awesome too! The Ed and Rose one is gorgeous, and Hawkeye with Hayate and the Military boys in the background is LOVE!

Next, we have CHIBIS!

*incoherent babblings of joy at the chibis* LOOK HOW KYOOOOOOOOOOTE! The Hoho-papa and Trisha and babies one! The Lust and Scar one! Chibi Havoc and Hughes! Chibi Greed! Even Rose and Dante! I WANT THESE! P.S. I didn't think Gluttony could get any MORE SD *DIES*

Finally, these cards were marked as the rare ones.

So cute. <3 I want Winry's top. It looks awesome! And the kitty on Al is cute as always.

And now that my fangirling is done for the day... *bows out*
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