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Hoshit I just have to talk about this right now...

I hope this isn't cluttering up the community because I'm sure you've heard it all before BUT I'm just sitting her with my mouth open and my head swimming. (People were right about watching too much FMA back to back would cause info overload).

First off...the whole Tucker thing. WTF did he do to himself?? Was that an accident or did he purposely fuse himself with...whatever he is fused to? Was that a side effect from trying to create a Nina?

Envy - he's pyscho and so evil but I still find him suave and amusing. Just a comment :)

Wrath - I just stopped on episode 31, where Wrath spills how he got the arm and leg and explains how homunculi are born. This just blew my mind because I was expecting Ed's Dad to be the alchemist behind all the homunculi. But, anyway I guess I'll find out more soon enough.

I just had to talk about it. None of my friends are so obsessed with this show and they definitely don't want to hear me say "OMG HE DID THIS AND THIS AND THEN THERE WAS THIS THING!"
So yeah. :)
Sorry for the clutter.
Maybe just one more episode....heh.
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