Sam (samaside) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Kunicon STL is in three days! Well, two but my friends and I can only go up on Saturday. And, because I'm such a great slacker, I've waited until tonite to put together all my stuff for the convention.

I made a Hagaren hoodie and painted the flamel on two little glass jars. The jars are for Chris and Vic, and I'm putting candy in them and I'm gonna try to bride Chris into telling me what his role his. He said he wouldn't tell be... we shall see >D

Sadly, I dont have any pictures of them yet. My camera is on the fritz and sending off the flash all the time. So, pictures tomorrow.

No, I didn't draw this. I made a stencil! =D

I <3 my Stencil. I did toss it though... so I guess I didn't love it that much. It was nasty. And not worth saving. But I <3 my new hoodie!

I'll go away now.
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