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"What She Knows", RoyAi drabble

This is the first hetfic I've written since June 2002. Wow.

Title: "What She Knows
Author: kawaiimae
Pairing: RoyAi...well...one way, at least
Rated: G

Hawkeye-chuui does not understand Mustang-taisa, no matter how much she tries otherwise.

She's stood by him through thick and through thin; she's served him as best she could; she's supported him by believing in his cause and doing everything in her power to make his dreams come true. She alone can make him work hard enough to achieve his goal, even if she is his subordinate. She watches over him as only her name can befit her, because she believes in him. She's not afraid to question him if she believes what he is doing isn't right.

Over the many years of loyal service to him, she's learned the little things about him that nobody would guess -- just how much sugar and creamer to put in his coffee, the specific brand of cleaner he uses
for his couches, the order of the alchemical texts on his shelf, the starch he uses for his dress shirts, where to buy his favorite pastries.

But every time she finds his little black address book filled with names and numbers, and every Friday night when he leaves, almost skipping, for one of an infinite number of dates, she realizes just how little she really understands him.

She wonders if he really believes that this is the answer -- that he can really get to the top by sleeping with as many anonymous, worshipping women as he can. She knows he has a slight arrogance
streak -- hell, he wouldn't exactly be trying to overthrow the Furher if he didn't -- but does he really need to have them around? And why can'tt he stay with someone, the same someone, every time?

It would certainly be safer -- nobody could know what anyone had in terms of disease and such, after all. Besides, the less rumors spreading around the brass, she believed, the better. Not to mention
the repercussions of dating other people's significant others, as Havoc-shoi was very intent on telling everyone in the office on a regular basis.

She really had to wonder why he loved danger so much. Hell, he got into the military literally by playing with fire, which was not exactly the safest form of alchemy in the books -- even a non-alchemist like her could figure that out. Plus the amount of trust he put into the Elric kyoudai.... She was very fond of those brothers, yes, but with their temperment and single mindedness (and age!) she couldn\'t really see anyone else in the military putting so much trust in them from the start. But no. Mustang-taisa loved danger, dancing on the edge, and it was just as true on those Friday nights when she was
left cleaining the office.

As she dusts the books and rearranges the piles of paper on his desk, she remembers when she was young, before she entered the military. Someone, someone very wise whom she respected very much (a bit like Mustang-taisa, but not nearly as arrogant or singleminded), told her that you really should love the people who know you best, who can predict your next motion with unerring accuracy, who understand your motives, who know your quirks and don't mind them.

But when it comes to Mustang-taisa, having people love him seems to mean being worshipped on hand and foot with letters that seem to quote from trashy romance letters and large boxes of dark chocolate truffles and the overpowering, sickening scent of roses -- dozens and dozens of roses, every single damn week.

These women can only claim to love him, so Hawkeye-chuui thinks. They would know better than to send dark chocolate truffles and roses, at least.

He needed one woman. One to stand out, one to smack him upside the head every now and then, one to show him what real love is. And if there's one thing Hawkeye-chuui does best, it's getting Mustang-taisa exactly what he needs.


The next morning, Mustang-taisa looked at his desk, very confused. He hadn't left the last girl the address to his office, and besides, she was yet another of the dark chocolate truffle and roses types. There was only one person in the entire office who could possibly know what was going on, he figured. "Hawkeye-chuui!"

"Hai, Mustang-taisa?"

"Do you know who left the milk chocolate covered strawberries and the tiger lilies on my desk?"


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