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Interrogations, ah, I know...

Greetings FMA obsessed people, I only managed to get up until the episode after Envy causes the demise of a rather important character and then FMA got licensed and the only places where I managed to find the episodes able for download took quite a bit too long for my horrid computer. [Which crashed awhile ago thus I lost every episode and manga download I had...] Now that the first DVD is out I’ve watched the foremost episodes again and I’ve come across a few questions that either A) are explained later, B) I apparently missed due to my horrid memory, or C) Are to be guessed upon?

I) Edward is able to cause a quite large statue to become animate, and then the priest remarks that even his [fake] philosopher’s stone could not cause it to move. Before this, Cornello causes a whole square of states to gain liveliness. Would not all of these statues combined make more than twice the size of the statue Ed brought to ‘life’? Would a wider range not be more difficult and cause more energy to move than one single relatively large statue?

II) Ed is obviously more advanced than many alchemists, I recall Roy being able to conjure up fire from his glove… what is the real reason Edward manages to use alchemy without a transmutation circle? Or is it merely a plot device without an answer other than being the almighty protagonist?

III) I also remember Edward claiming he was an atheist… while this is quite obvious, did FUNimation edit that part of the first episode out or is my memory failing me?

I know, this is probably an irritating first entry and I apologize for that and if these have been inquired before. I would like to add that Fullmetal Alchemist is probably one of, if not the most thought-out anime I’ve ever seen within my entire short life, though… just for a positive note, heh.
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