Kate (slashy_sprite) wrote in fm_alchemist,

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Does anyone know where I could find screencap(s) from whatever episode the picture in this icon came from?

Whoever has this icon -- I only take icons because they're cool/make me laugh/etc., not to use myself. I don't even remember which FMA community I found this one in. I'm sure someone here knows...

Anyway, I got all the screencaps I could from Devil's Nest, but nothing like that was in there. In fact, any screencaps that aren't there would be appreciated, especially of Greed and company (and Kimberly). I'm a whore for screencaps. :D

Also, I know people have seen the whole series, while the rest of us are stuck watching one episode a week on Adult Swim. Where else can you find it? I thought only one of the DVDs was out...
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