bloodyeden (bloodyeden) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Art. Again. And a drop of crack.

One oekaki, one doll thingie and something stupid straight out of my e-mail inbox.

First, just another oekaki. Because I can't seem to get tired of these.

Secondly. The other day, someone posted this. (SO. DAMN. CUTE.) And I got bored. Yes, you should already be scared by now. The result is... Er... This. >.>; Look! "She"'s cute!
(Base from 2 PIXEL.)

And finally, some spam I received some time ago that made me crack up, causing me to screenshot it and... Yeah. I laugh at stupid stuff. Anyway. Let's just say Kimblee got turned into a female (and lost the last letter of his name) and teamed up with Hughes to send spam with lotsa pictures of Elysia-chan. Yeah. Brick me.

::patiently waits for someone to shoot her in the head::
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