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Greetings from Zipple

Hi. My name is Zipple (not really, but that's what I go by;D). I'm a dork and really bad at introduction posts. FMA is my crack. I've been following the series since the first episode aired, and my favourite character is Hughes (whyhimwhhhyy? ;o;)... and I've been avoiding joining more communities, but I'm finally giving in XD

At any rate, I drew this yesterday... without reference, which is probably why it isn't that great x_x;;

I label things, as I fear that no one can tell who they are XD
for example, my Roy looks like Satoshi from DNAngel:O

I also make cartoon dolls. If I stop being lazy, I might make more, but currently, I've only made Ed. Yay for shortness, I say.

Now, off to watching FMA 19~
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