Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dragon Scholar


My mind drifted oddly at work (long day), and I concieved of a few twisted ideas, so I present a few ideas of "other FMAs:"

Ed and Al Elric are the sons of one of the greatest dentists in the world, but after suffering a terrible dental accident, their only hope is to work for the Military-Dental complex, fighting evil dentists everywhere! But trouble is brewing - what is the Philosopher's Floss, and who are the Seven Sins of Tooth care: Decay, Snacking, No-Floss, Grinding, Unbrushed, Sweets ,and their leader, the beautiful but inflammed Gingivitis?

Come on down to the Elric Discount Automail store! Meet your host, CRAZY EDDIE - his prices are so low you'd think he's insane! Now selling on A-Bay and the Alchemy Shopping Network!

Ed and Al Elric are following in their father's musical footsteps after he disappeared at Centralpalooza years ago in a mysterious guitar-related accident. Ed, crippled after he turned his speaker system up to eleven, has turned his body into a magical musical instrument. Al hopes to reinvigorate Glam Metal, and refuses to take off his costume. Will these two make it in the age of Alchemusic and sign a contract with Producer Bradley, or will the strange band known as the Seven Evils thwart their plans?

Featuring the music of Roy "Wild" Mustang, Riza and the Hawkettes, and two songs off of Maes "Papa" Huges' new album "Huges Your Daddy?"

After winning a bet that alchemists can transmute common chemicals into LSD, King Bradley decides the military needs to hold a stripshow to promote public awareness - right before he disappears looking for some "killer dounuts." Havoc is thrilled with the idea as he sees it as a chance to let the Military reach out to the public, and, if possible, grope it.

But conflict ensures in the ranks. Ed is forbidden to sign up because of his age, but he thinks its because of his height. Maes worries about what his daughter will think if he participates - if his wife lets him live that long. Riza can't stop laughing. Roy has to be sedated to keep his clothes ON long enough to get to the contest.

Will the Sins intervene? Can Envy's shapeshifting win the day? What plan does Greed have to get his hands on the trophy? Their hopes could all be for naught - after seeing Gluttony's "Very Special Delicious Dance", Lust has locked herself in a bathroom and screamed herself into catatonia.

Yeah, my mind gets weird sometimes.
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