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*pops out of lurker-dom*
Intresting snipit of  conversation that happened today before math class... I think you all might enjoy laughing at my expence :-D 

Noin: *Reading newspaper* Oh hey...
Me: Hey! Guess what, I went birthday shopping for myself yesterday, I got that Cowboy bebop art book, a few manga... oh, and the FMA perfect guide so we can use it for cosp...
Noin: Wait... what? The prefect guy?
Me: gui-DE! D! *pauses/snorts* Hehe, Yeah, I have Roy hostage up in room right now...
Noin: *Giggles*
Me: humm...or maybe Havoc...
Both of us: "....."
Me: *blushes* aaah.. I should be getting to class now...
Noin: *Laughs* See ya...

E..yea... I really hope that no one who knew who we were talking about heard that...

*goes back into hiding*
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