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More crack X3

Here's some crack for all you crack additics X3.

If you wanna play after reading, feel free to X3

DT (is me): I'm going to say a characters name from FMA, type the first three words that pop into your head after their name:

DT: Roy Mustang
Nikol: Porn Star Smoke
DT: Hawkeye
Nikol: Shoot black gun
DT: Barry the Chopper
Nikol: Total Fucking Psycho
DT: Trisha Elric
Nikol: So damn cute!
DT: The Slicer Brothers
Nikol: clinky beat Edo
DT: King Bradley
Nikol: Manipulative creepy old
DT: Maria Ross
Nikol: Poor woman dead
DT: Sheska
Nikol: Creepy bookworm tired
DT: Scar
Nikol: Crawford Big Sad
DT: Nina Tucker
Nikol: Overused story line
DT: Shou Tucker
Nikol: Kill him DEAD!
DT: Elysia-chan
Nikol: Poor little girl ;____;
DT: Martel
Nikol: Married to Greedo (inside joke....)
DT: Greed
CelticFoxFyre: (lol)
Nikol: IN MY TOGA!
DT: Belshew
Nikol: (forgot who that is)
DT: (lemon guy)
Nikol: Kind of forgetable (apparently)
DT: Hohemheim
Nikol: I Love Hoho-Papa!
DT: Juliet Douglas
Nikol: Wanna be Trisha
DT: Kimblee
Nikol: I go 'splodey!
DT: General Basque Gran
Nikol: Guns...outta body?
DT: Layla
Nikol: And she's Dante
DT: Psiren
Nikol: She was pretty
DT: Russell Tringham
Nikol: He is Haru!
DT: Fletcher Tringham
Nikol: want his hat
DT: Dr. Tim Marco
Nikol: Used.... sad man
DT: Izumi Curtis
Nikol: So fucking cool
DT: Wrath
Nikol: MOOFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE MOOFY!!!!!!!!!
DT: Black Hayate
Nikol: cute little puppy
DT: Pinako Rockbell
Nikol: short little woman
DT: Den
Nikol: (guy who was on the island with the elrics when they training?)
DT: (the Inu LOL)
Nikol: (Oh! The Dog!)
Nikol: (only seen the whole series once)
DT: (Yes, the Inu lol)
Nikol: Why the automail?
DT: Lust
Nikol: Pretty looking Sin
DT: Sloth
Nikol: And she's Trisha?
DT: Pride
Nikol: Why the eye?
DT: Dante
Nikol: Stupid Stupid Woman
DT: Lieutenant Colonel Frank Archer
Nikol: Full metal archer!
DT: Lieutenant Yoki
Nikol: Greedy Weird looking
DT: Jean Havoc
Nikol: I WANT HIM!
DT: Kain Feury
Nikol: So damn cute
DT: Envy
Nikol: Annoying as FUCK!
DT: Gluttony
Nikol: I wanna hug
DT: Maes Hughes
Nikol: Oh My Hughes....
DT: Alexander Armstrong
Nikol: He is Ayame!
DT: Heymans Breda
Nikol: Fear of Dogs
DT: Denny Brosh
Nikol: (which one was he?)
DT: (Guarded the Elrics with Maria)
Nikol: (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) Kinda like Havoc
DT: Leo
Nikol: Scared my Aru
DT: Rick
Nikol: (rick?)
DT: (Leo's younger brother)
Nikol: (he had a brother?)
DT: (hai...)
Nikol: (Oooooooooooooh him!)
Nikol: Cute but forgetable
DT: Alphonse Elric (I love spelling his full name)
Nikol: I am Aru~
DT: Edward Elric (His name too X3)
Nikol: He's not short
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