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Hey look, no drive-by!!

Travis has entered the room.
Kazetonamida: o.o
Travis: So how was the last episode?
Fullmetalkatu: Wonderful!
Kazetonamida: It was awesome!
SporksRock129: AWESOME <3
Travis: I havent had a chance to see it yet?
BlackRose1m: LOL, how many times did it take you to get that line without laughing?
BlackRose1m: "I'm gonna pee my PANTS!"
Travis: The pee my pants line?
Fullmetalkatu: Yes!
Travis: I dunno, not too many
Kazetonamida: I died when I heard it...
sparklesonastick: oh, hey Travis!
xFan Geekx: Gasp.
sparklesonastick: ::late
BlackRose1m: That's surprising.
tsukisprite: lol
sparklesonastick: ::
Fullmetalkatu: I rewound it lots of times XD Tivo is good@!
Travis: Wish I could remember how it sounds
tsukisprite: HI
flamealchemist04: gah i can't save the screen cap ><
BlackRose1m: It's hilarious. <3
Travis: Somebody should post it
tsukisprite: travis did you get the message from sparkle?
Kitty Girl Met: whoa
Kitty Girl Met: gah
tsukisprite: about kawaii-kon?
Kitty Girl Met: sup?
Travis: No, what about it?
LoRDuLTi: hi Travis
flamealchemist04: rose, i've got the image of the line
Travis: Hi
tsukisprite: they said they got your e-mail
sparklesonastick: i had a message? O.o
Fullmetalkatu: "...With that same stump of an arm you have now, 'OH IT HURTS, I'M GONNA PEE MY PANTS!'"
sparklesonastick: *waves to Travis again*
xFan Geekx: "Sure Ed, how can I forget? I saw you in her house, unconscious, with that same stump of an arm you have now, bawling in your sleep, 'IT HURTS! I'M GONNA PEE MY PANTS!!"
xFan Geekx: ..
Kazetonamida: XD
xFan Geekx: XD
Fullmetalkatu: THERE WE GO XD
tsukisprite: but they're being retards and not updating their page...>_<
xFan Geekx: AGH.
xFan Geekx: Font. ;_; Brb.
Kazetonamida: clearly, we love that quote too much
xFan Geekx has left the room.
Kitty Girl Met: **gives Travis a cookie**
xFan Geekx has entered the room.
tsukisprite: but the final decision rests with the mainland directors
Travis: OH YEAH< I DO REMEMBER!!! I laughed alot!
Kitty Girl Met: the whole episode was hilarity
flamealchemist04: dood i actually missed that line ><
tsukisprite: just to let you know..
Fullmetalkatu: Hey, Travis!
ColonelButtSecks has entered the room.
Kitty Girl Met: "Al!!" "Hi!" **splat**
Kazetonamida: Travis, were you asked to do it in a singsong voice or did you choose to?
BlackRose1m: *salute*
tsukisprite: .....
Kitty Girl Met: okaeri :D
Fullmetalkatu: Do you get to work with Justin Cook? Isn't he the line producer?
Travis: Yeah, Kawaii Kon said maybe next year, but their budget was too small for their first year
tsukisprite: ah
Travis: I'm thinking about going anyway
tsukisprite: YAY
ColonelButtSecks has left the room.
tsukisprite: ....
tsukisprite: I killed the chat again...
Travis: I worked with Justin on Yu Yu Hakusho, he is amazing
Barry t3hChopper: whoa
tsukisprite: neat
Fullmetalkatu: Oh! You were in YYH?
Barry t3hChopper: when did Travy get here?
Barry t3hChopper: Oo
sparklesonastick: you did YYH? nifty
Fullmetalkatu: Who did you play?
Fullmetalkatu: I've seen the whole series. :D
Travis: Dont remember how it came out singy, i guess it just did
xFan Geekx: XD
Kazetonamida: ^_^
tsukisprite: my two friends are huge fans of the show.
xFan Geekx: I want that sound file.
xFan Geekx: Sooo bad.
BlackRose1m: I swear, you have the best approach to the most retarded lines...
Kazetonamida: xD
xFan Geekx: I would listen to it every day and it'd make my day so much better.
Fullmetalkatu: I AGREE WITH THAT!
Kitty Girl Met: I've seen very little of it, but the kimono-ghost-girl was cool
Kazetonamida: Haha...
Fullmetalkatu: Oh, Botan-chan?
Travis: I was Yanagisiwa, one of these three teenagers with powers , iwas a shape shifter
Barry t3hChopper: hello Travis ^^
Kazetonamida: Nothin' like waking up to that... heh
Fullmetalkatu: Yanagisiwa?!
tsukisprite: ^_^;;
sparklesonastick: Travis, you need to watch Meine Liebe... randomly, but you do..... it has so many minior similiarites to Hagaren you'll love it
sparklesonastick: it's like crack
Fullmetalkatu: OH MY GOSH!
Fullmetalkatu: That's so GREAT!
BlackRose1m: Travis, are you going to AnimeExpo?
Travis: yeah, do you remember that character?!
Fullmetalkatu: Of course!
Travis: Not many people remember him from Yu Yu
Travis: Thats awesome, how cool
Fullmetalkatu: You'd be surprised, I adored him~!
BlackRose1m: What episode was he in, Starling? *makes mental note to rent the DVD*
Travis: Now you'll have to go back and listen, that was the first VA work I ever did
Kazetonamida: o.o
Kazetonamida: That's certainly worth my watching...
Fullmetalkatu: SO VERY AWESOME.
tsukisprite: wow
sparklesonastick: haha, i might have to check it out ^.^
Kazetonamida: Did you take voice lessons in a college or anything?
sparklesonastick: i'm gonna raid Blockbuster tomorrow
tsukisprite: hehe
tsukisprite: go go sparkle
sparklesonastick: I need to see that Nausicca: Valley of the Wind movie
sparklesonastick: or it's something like that
Travis: I'm glad you guys liked the line so much, make somebody post it, otherwise I will have to wait til thursday
Fullmetalkatu: He comes in at the VERY beginning of the Sensui arc, and is there through the rest of it, Black rose!
BlackRose1m: You should see "The Cat Returns", it's adorable
xFan Geekx: I thought we posted it.
Fullmetalkatu: Oh!
Travis: Who posted it?
Fullmetalkatu: Travis, I forgot to ask!
BlackRose1m: Schweet! I'll have to figger out when that is...
Travis: Yeah, he comes in after the Dark Tournament
Travis: Yes?
Fullmetalkatu: How long did it take you to do the "Black Hayate" speech?
tsukisprite: lol
Kazetonamida: XD
Travis: Who posted the line from last episode?
xFan Geekx: Rofl.
Kazetonamida: That was wonderful...
xFan Geekx: I did and someone else.
xFan Geekx: "Sure Ed, how can I forget? I saw you in her house, unconscious, with that same stump of an arm you have now, bawling in your sleep, 'IT HURTS! I'M GONNA PEE MY PANTS!!"
Fullmetalkatu: I constantly quote that one!
Travis: Two takes! It was perfection...
BlackRose1m: No, we're talking about the RECORDING of it
Fullmetalkatu: XD
Fullmetalkatu: That's awesome!
Kazetonamida: Nice...
tsukisprite: ^_^;
BlackRose1m: Geek. XDD
Travis: we didnt know how we were going to do it, and then, it just ... came out like that
xFan Geekx: XD;..
tsukisprite: hehe
Kazetonamida: That's really awesome
Fullmetalkatu: DID YOU KNOW!
flamealchemist04: star...when u memorize the whole hayate speech then u can have fun with it X3
Barry t3hChopper: Travis
Fullmetalkatu: When selling stuff, that line attracts customers!
Travis: Like some cheesy egotistical superhero voice, it even surprised me!!!
BlackRose1m: Travis, would you please take a look at my Fanart?
Barry t3hChopper: who do you like more, Lust or Hawkeye?
Barry t3hChopper: :3
Fullmetalkatu: *gigglesnortdie*
Kazetonamida: XDD
BlackRose1m: Well, like Edo said, a Morally deprived Colonel with a God Complex
xFan Geekx: XD!
tsukisprite: 'snort'
Travis: Oooo, good question, um...
BlackRose1m: Roy must be a Scorpio... >.>
Kazetonamida: I'm a Scorpio!!!
Kazetonamida: ^_^
Fullmetalkatu: I'm a Libra, though!
BlackRose1m: XD Congratulations
tsukisprite: Pisces
Barry t3hChopper: :3
BlackRose1m: Leo's are t3h shiz.
xFan Geekx: Virgo!
xFan Geekx: I mean.
xFan Geekx: =D
Fullmetalkatu: Hey, Travis!
Travis: Yeah, I saw that fanart the other day, its really nice - Good Work!!!
BlackRose1m: Thanks. XD
Fullmetalkatu: (This sounds like SUCH A BAD PICK UP LINE)
Barry t3hChopper: you not answering~
Barry t3hChopper: >>
Fullmetalkatu: But what is your sign, anyway!
Fullmetalkatu: *?
Travis: Leo
BlackRose1m: He's a Leo
Kazetonamida: *giggles*
Kazetonamida: o.o
Kazetonamida: ;;;
Barry t3hChopper: damn >>
tsukisprite: .......
Fullmetalkatu: I didn't know XD
Travis: Why?
xFan Geekx: "Heres your sign". XD
sparklesonastick: lol
Barry t3hChopper: Travis
Fullmetalkatu: Just morbid curiosity.
Barry t3hChopper: Lust or Hawkeye?
Travis: Yes?
tsukisprite: O.o
Fullmetalkatu: *gigglesnortdieAGAIN*
Barry t3hChopper: answer
BlackRose1m: You can totally tell he's a Leo from his "drive-bys"... XD
Barry t3hChopper: XO
Travis: Um, Lust for Fun - Hawkeye for my Gun
Barry t3hChopper: huh
Kazetonamida: o.o
sparklesonastick: O.o
xFan Geekx: XD!
Fullmetalkatu: *DEAD*
tsukisprite: O.o
xFan Geekx: ROFL.
Fullmetalkatu: *SO VERY DEAD*
Kazetonamida: XDDD
Kitty Girl Met: Travis, Syd (Nanashi Alpha) says hi :D she's still without computer, but she heard the last episode, and.. she's saying something about taking souls :S
BlackRose1m: Lovely. XD
Travis: YES!!!!
xFan Geekx: Best quote of the day.
Travis: Thank you
Kazetonamida: I agree
Kitty Girl Met: and she wants to know if you've ever played Tomb Raider
Barry t3hChopper: oh, Travis
Travis: Lust is smoking hot, but Hawkeye takes the cake
Kitty Girl Met: (PS2 version)
tsukisprite: lol
Barry t3hChopper: you remember your "little sister" right?
tsukisprite: the game ending was sad..
BlackRose1m: Lust is pretty hot... But Riza won't REALLY kill you... >.>
tsukisprite: ;_;
Travis: I've played, owned and beaten the first three Tomb raiders
Kitty Girl Met: she's in a hyper violent mood, now she's mentioning something about shooting for being called kiddo..
Travis: Celira?
Kitty Girl Met: awesome
Travis: yeah why?
Barry t3hChopper: yes
Fullmetalkatu: Oh, Travis! Did you beat the FMA game yet?
Barry t3hChopper: give her a hug if you see her online
Fullmetalkatu: You made me very happy at the end of the game, by the way.
Barry t3hChopper: cause we just took a state test thingy at our school today
flamealchemist04: i still have to beat the game ><
BlackRose1m: *Reminded she has to play Xenosaga and Star Ocean... >.>*
xFan Geekx: I still have to own the game. =o And a PS2. XD
tsukisprite: I can help
tsukisprite: if you need help
Travis: Thank you, yeah i bet the game, but not myself *grumble, grumble*
Fullmetalkatu: XD
Kitty Girl Met: I found the FMA game at Blockbuster already
Fullmetalkatu: The last battle was easy though!
Kazetonamida: lol
BlackRose1m: XO do you suck at videogames, too? XDD
Kitty Girl Met: debating whether I should rent it
Fullmetalkatu: Was it aggrivating playing as someone so SMALL, Travis-san? XD
flamealchemist04: did u never see the strategy i posted for u travis?
tsukisprite: I suck at video games
Travis: No, I'm really freakin good
xFan Geekx: XD
BlackRose1m: XD damn.... I suck
xFan Geekx: Or so he says.
sparklesonastick: <---- has an NES and that's it
tsukisprite: lol
Travis: I just didnt have enough stocked up to beat myself in the end, or the time really
sparklesonastick: NES PWNS j00r SOUL.
Kitty Girl Met: dude, Travis, ever played Medievil? (it's really good, but zombies win)
Kitty Girl Met: er, really old*
Kitty Girl Met: long day at school -_-
BlackRose1m: LOL
Fullmetalkatu: I mean, you're about 6 foot 3 and you had to run around as someone who's about 5 feet!
Travis: No, i havent
Kitty Girl Met: it's great
xFan Geekx: Aw, poor Ed.
xFan Geekx: "TOO SLOW!"
Kitty Girl Met: he beats the crap out of other zombies with his ripped-off arm
Kitty Girl Met: XD
Travis: 6'4", and the Colonel is not 5 feet tall
tsukisprite: O.o
BlackRose1m: Roy's only 5'5... >.> He's the REAL shrimp! *I kid...!*
xFan Geekx: "My feet legs are too short. ;_;"
Fullmetalkatu: No, I mean edo!
Fullmetalkatu: Ed's really, really short. XD
xFan Geekx: -Kicks feets.-
Travis: 5'5", where did you hear that?
BlackRose1m: Edo's... 4'9?
tsukisprite: he's taller then me
tsukisprite: that bites
Kitty Girl Met: **loves being tall**
tsukisprite: grrr..
BlackRose1m: I saw a picture that had the official heights in Centimeters
Fullmetalkatu: Roy's an inch taller than me? XD
BlackRose1m: So he's roughly around 5'5
Travis: So how tall is Armstrong?
xFan Geekx: Wow. I'm taller than the Colonel.
BlackRose1m: 6'5 XD
xFan Geekx: Geeze.
Travis: Geez
Fullmetalkatu: *-@
xFan Geekx: XD!
Barry t3hChopper: ARNSTRONG PWNZ J00!!!
Barry t3hChopper: XO
tsukisprite: 4;4"
tsukisprite: I'm a midget weeee
BlackRose1m: No... Taller! Scar is 6'5
Kazetonamida: o.o
Fullmetalkatu: CHRISTOPHER SABAT PWNZ J00!!!
Barry t3hChopper: 5'3"-ish w00t
sparklesonastick: *****sparkles*****
xFan Geekx: "The mighty Armstrong height passed down from generation to generation..."
Travis: He's and inch taller than me, and maybe a little more muscular
BlackRose1m: Chris is awesome. XDD
Kazetonamida: Dude, no one was that tall in the early 1900s...
tsukisprite: 'shrugs'
Travis: No kiddin
Fullmetalkatu: Travis, have you gotten to meet Chris Sabat?
BlackRose1m: I'm 5'11... So I'm purty good. I could beat up the colonel. *evil grin*
tsukisprite: O.o
Travis: Yeah, I know Chris Sabat real well - I know must of the cast pretty well
Kazetonamida: Wait, so how tall's Ed?
Barry t3hChopper: can you get Aaron in here?
Barry t3hChopper: O_O
BlackRose1m: 4'9
Travis: *most
tsukisprite: lol
Fullmetalkatu: Next question! *enter jeopardy theme*
Kitty Girl Met: Aaron's cute
Fullmetalkatu: How tall is Sabat? XD
Kitty Girl Met: I wish he was going to more cons
Barry t3hChopper: I don't even knwo what he looks like >>
Barry t3hChopper: but he sounds cute
Kitty Girl Met: I wanna glomp him and give him cookies
Barry t3hChopper: Goth~
BlackRose1m: Aaron's gonna get violated by fangirls at Anizona...
Travis: No, dont think i can do anything there
Kazetonamida: Gosh, I thought Aaron improved a whole lot since his role as Hiro...
tsukisprite: kitty
Barry t3hChopper: pic?
Fullmetalkatu: Yeah, there're no pictures of Aaron anywhere....
Barry t3hChopper: O_O
Kazetonamida: (Fruits Basket)
flamealchemist04: didn't chris sabat play vegeta in dbz ?
Fullmetalkatu: He's got such a great voice, though!
Travis: Like, 5'7" maybe or taller
Kazetonamida: yeah, he did
Barry t3hChopper: Aaron voiced AKITO
Barry t3hChopper: AKITO
Kazetonamida: o.o
Barry t3hChopper: SHEESH
Fullmetalkatu: XD
Kazetonamida: o.o
Kazetonamida: Omg, seriously??
BlackRose1m: He's shorter than me...
Barry t3hChopper: >>
Kazetonamida: He couldn't have...
Fullmetalkatu: Thank you, again, Travis, for amusing me to no end.
Travis: yeah, he was Vegeta
xFan Geekx: He's an inch taller than me. >>;
Kazetonamida: *whack*
Kitty Girl Met: wow
Fullmetalkatu: And Kuwabara!
tsukisprite: wow
Fullmetalkatu: Kuwabara was love!
BlackRose1m: He was Ayame in Fruits Basket, too... I <3 Chris.
Kitty Girl Met: I'm as tall as the dude who voices Armstrong?
Travis: Aaron will be fine at AniZona, I'll be there to protect him -puts on glove-
Fullmetalkatu: XD!
flamealchemist04: travis...u still have to accept my invite to my community....
Fullmetalkatu: GO TRAVIS!
BlackRose1m: *cheers on Travis*
Barry t3hChopper: Travis~
tsukisprite: lol
Barry t3hChopper: take pictures :3
Fullmetalkatu: YES!
sparklesonastick: take good care of him, Travis
BlackRose1m: Are you going to AnimeExpo, Travis?
sparklesonastick: he doesn't need to see half the things the fangirls have created
Kazetonamida: Yeah, Travis, no pressure xD
Travis: AX, absolutely
Fullmetalkatu: Hey, Travis, another con-related question: You ever coming out to the east coast?
sparklesonastick: fanart, fanfic.... Aaron does not need to see any of that, lol XD
tsukisprite: poor guy
BlackRose1m: Awesome! That's the only con I get to go to...
tsukisprite: hehe
Travis: Yeah, I'll be out at AnimeNext and one in Florida I think
Barry t3hChopper: ever coming to Florida?
Barry t3hChopper: WHERE in Florida?
Kitty Girl Met: whoa.
tsukisprite: it's a pain when they make you wait outside in the sun on opening day
Kitty Girl Met: awesome
tsukisprite: for the vendors
Hyper Momiji has entered the room.
Fullmetalkatu: Le sigh.
Travis: Um, dunno - I'd have to look
Hyper Momiji: Ello ello
BlackRose1m: Huzzah for Momiji! *glomps the bunny*
tsukisprite: hi momoji
Barry t3hChopper: cause it better be near me and Cel
Barry t3hChopper: got it?
Barry t3hChopper: >(
sparklesonastick: j0 Aurora! ^.^
Hyper Momiji: Eek! *falls over*
Fullmetalkatu: I suppose you'll never make it up here to North Carolina for Animazement? XD
Hyper Momiji: G'day ^_^
Kazetonamida: ... Very sadly, I must go...
flamealchemist04: nice way of putting it star X3
SporksRock129: *gives up on LJ layout* >>;
BlackRose1m: See ya, Kaze. ^^
Kazetonamida: See ya, guys (and Travis) ^_^
flamealchemist04: bye kaze
sparklesonastick: bies!
SporksRock129: *waves*
tsukisprite: byeee
Kazetonamida has left the room.
BlackRose1m: Sporks, I thought your layout was Secksay. ;P
Travis: I tried to make it to Animazement but no luck
flamealchemist04: darn!
Fullmetalkatu: Awww!
Travis: Bye
Hyper Momiji: To bad Travis couldn't come to Kunicon T_T
sparklesonastick: i know
Barry t3hChopper: which KuniCon?
Barry t3hChopper: @_@
SporksRock129: Thanks, Rose 3
flamealchemist04: i'm going to kill the people at animazment *twitch*
SporksRock129: ** :3
Travis has left the room.

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