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This sounds familliar...

So, I was lookin' around the Anime News Network encyclopedia when I noted a series called Armored Alchemist. Of course, it was an automatic reaction to check it out... and the similarities are very intriguing.

Plot Summary: Kazuki Mutou is mortally wounded saving a girl from a strange monster, but is given a new life through the power of the alchemically-made Core Iron.Al, anyone? Along with a second chance, this grants him the ability to use his own Busou Renkin, or Alchemy Weapon. Joining forces with Tokiko, the Busou Renkin user he'd saved earlier and who gave him the Core Iron, he uses his newfound powers to fight the malevolent Homunculus monsters and protect his friends and the rest of mankind.

Anyone know any more about it? I'm thinking it's a rip-off, but I don't know when it was published, so I can't dismiss it yet. Still, though... Homunculus as villains? Don't they ever get a break?

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