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MegaCon Fun

Heh, I went to Megacon yesterday and to my surprise found that Funimation was there. So, of course, I went on over to see the Al...and take pictures. *evil grin* I dressed as Winry and my friend was Ed so both he and I posed around the Al. You know I had to do it...I sat underneath Al and looked under his loincloth while Ed stood shocked and pointing his finger. Now, I saw way too many flashes of light than are possible from just one camera so when I poked my head out from underneath, there were like, 20 people taking pictures of us! I laughed so hard and ducked back underneath Al's cloth. XDDD Just thought I'd share that little bit with y'all. Once I get the pictures developed I'll post them up here.

And yay for Funimation! I won the first volume of FMA on DVD from them! *dances with glee* I simply adore free stuffs. ^-^

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