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FMA collector's cards photo/scan!

I just posted this in my own journal, but I thought I'd share here too.

Many of you may know by now that I'm irrationally wasting my money buying packs of FMA collectors cards from Walden Books, in an attempt to get a complete set. After Walden's sold out and didn't restock, I feared only the internet or conventions would be my ownly hope in complete my collection. But lo and behold I was wrong! Suncoast in my mall has them for $1.99 a pack (still only 3 cards a pack), instead of the $2.99 Waldenbooks had them for.

But 10 packs later and I only managed to add a few more cards to my collection. I'm only missing 5 cards out of the 45 card set.

HOWEVER! I took a picture of all my cards! So I'll share the crappy quality photo, complete with some notations on them.

Color code:
Orange = SP (foil) card #.
Blue (be it bright, so light it's nearly white, or dark blue) = regular card #.
Green = the number of EXTRAS I have (no green number means no extras--YET.)

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