alicen. (bob_always_wins) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Okay err...first post here...yeah ><

I've been seeing alot of...FMA things around my town so I felt like sharing them here...
*Edit* Cheesy FMA!crack I made......><

1. My mom always orders these...odd religous books off of Amazon, so I go see what she got this time, and one of the books was called 'Emotional Alchemy'...

Me: Mom...are you studying alchemy?*backs away*

Somthing like that...>< She looks so much like Lust...o.o...

2. Hughes in Wal-Mart :D

Okay, me and my friend were off in Wal-mart after seeing some movie. So we were going around, and then in the camera area, there was a guy looking at camera's and such. Looked SO much like Hughes, with the glasses, hair, and he even had his wife there,who looks like the one from FMA (forget her name...><)

3.Ed is my friend...*nod*

This or the next one is going to be my last...I think, but err yeah...Friend and I were sitting in her room, with nothing to do. So, I saw she had some long red coat in her closet...And she's a blonde...

So I decided to dress up like Roy, and make her look like Ed, and we went around our neighborhood screaming crap and fighting each other...

we were crazy ^^

4. "Mommy! I just saw Scar, and he's out to kill joo..."

Okay, I was in the car with my mom, and we were heading home. So in our neighborhood, all of a sudden this guy crosses the street right infront of us. But he turned around and stared at me...o.o

But he looked like Scar! So I told my mom to run the guy over, so he dosnt kill me next...><

Okay, enough of my boring FMA!real life stories....><
And onto the crack!

Along time ago some guy from Weebl and Bob posted a picture of himself...and people started playing around with it...So I present my crappy Armstrong!weebl ><


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