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I was talking to a friend of mine who, sadly, doesn't have the resources to watch FMA that much. So, being the kind person I am, I sent her some screencaps from the last few episodes (with no spoilers of course) to show just how sexy Ed gets towards the end. This is the conversation.

me:I just sent those pictures. You should get 'em in a minute
her: allright, I'll look in a few minutes.

(I waited about five or six minutes for her to look)

me:See? He just..looks better towards the end.
her:Yeah, he really does.
me: He looks..not jailbait.
her: LOL I know.
me: *resists urge to molest sexy!ed
me: It's a shame he's still only 15 at the end..he's still jailbate.
her: Hey, wait...
me: hm?
her: Weren't you complaining last year how Jing was jailbate?
her: So...do you like Jing or Ed?
me: Is it wrong to want to give your heart to two different fictitious characters?
her: And the year before that, Duo was your jailbate.
me: And he still is...I mean
her: So, that's three! You're such a whore!
me:.....your point being?
her: And there's Chrono, from Chrno Crusade.
me:I know..
her: OOh! and Alucard
her:and didn't you have a quick thing with Kouki from Imadoki! ?
me: you can shut up now...
her: AND there's Kokuyou from Wish

I think you can all imagine how the conversation went after that...

So there you have it! I'm an anime jailbait whore.

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